I’m Flying

Posted by mikehedge on May 30, 2007

Yes…. I’m flying…..

Yes… I’m flying to Seattle… then I will takes trains and buses and bikes all the way to NY.

Here’s the Schedule… Things may change

May 30 Fly to Seattle

Jun 4th travel by train to SF

Jun 8 travel by train to SLC

Jun 12 travel by train to Denver

Jun15 travel by car (Chevy) to Omaha, NB

Jun 19 travel via Bus/train to Jansville, WI

Jun 21 travel travel by bus to Chicago

Jun 25 travel via train to Cleveland, OH

Jun 29 travel by train to Washington, DC

July 3 travel via train to NYC.

Live Earth 07-07-07

Be in NY through July 10 maybe

Then end up in Toronto… then fly home..

Wish me luck.

Mike Hedge


Mike Hedge


wow – have a great mega-trip!


Posted by Christopher on Sunday, June 03, 2007 – 12:35 AM

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