On To SF

Posted by mikehedge on June 7, 2007

On To SF

We managed to get everything (all the bikes, bags, and people) into a giant van that picked us up at 7:30 AM. We had to catch the train to SF out of Seattle, and did not want to miss it.

The Amtrak station is right next to Qwest Field. We had a view of Downtown Seattle beyond Qwest Field.

Once we got to the station, we had to quickly get the wheels back on and had to remove the pedals and handlebars.

Boxes for the bikes…. the Amtrak agent was nice about giving us the bike boxes, as they tend to recycle themselves as bikers use them and drop them off at their destination stations.

I thought this sign was funny.

Dan was nice enough to take a group shot of us before getting on the train. Thanks Dan!

McGuire studying the map in our “sleeper car.” They really should call them “Sleepless Cars” as I got very little sleep.

Our trip took us through the length of Washington and Oregon and North CA. Each stop we could get out and stretch for a few minutes. We even got out and were waiting for the Project Pedal crew to meet us in Eugene…. so close…. they missed us by about 3 minutes… check them out. www.projectpedal.com

We had what seemed like dozens of meals on the train. Shelly was our server at the table we sat at each meal. In reality, during the 24 hour train ride, we had only: lunch dinner and breakfast.

After arriving in SF, we went for a walk and I grew 3 feet.

McGuire and his people.

Check out The Grove on Fillmore Street. Genius place.

San Fran at night is beautiful….. more to come on that.

Once we woke up, we quickly got our bikes ready and headed for the BART station at Civic Center. Bikes on the BART are fine… but you do carry them up and down stairs a lot.

Leslie and Marshana en route to MLK Jr. Regional Shoreline Park

McGuire is A-OK

At the Save the Bay Native Nursery project at MLK Jr. Regional Shoreline Park we got our hands dirty by replanting Salt Grass which will be used later to plant.

The small plastic tubes get filled with yummy dirt and the Sea Grass, so that they can grow a strong root structure to then be planted…

While Tom, Leslie’s uncle, had stopped by to say hi to the Eco Trip team, I had him shoot a shot… the bikes practically float away, sometimes it’s hard to keep them on the ground…… =)

what a day !!!

Mike Hedge

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