SXSW 2008

Posted by mikehedge on March 18, 2008
  1. Andrew A. Peterson Said,

    That was awesome, Mike.
    I really loved how so many of the images were framed with a portable device in the center of the frame -made me think. Technology helping people come together to let technology help people to come together to infinity. Haha. I wonder if that is even more obvious to someone who sees this on an ipod, iphone or other pocket-sized device (I’m watching from a 20-incher so…)

    Anyways, good job… Cool music too… I will be checking them out.


  2. Nikki Said,

    Awesome Video!!! It looked like that trip was a blast.

  3. Casey Warren Said,


    That video is very subtle and moving. I love the pace and flow of the photos along with the music, excellent work. Love it.

    -Casey Warren

    We need to hang out when your up here in Seattle sometime.

  4. Sandra Said,

    I love this video…its how you want your own life to look…or my own…fast and fun, and always happy!

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