Posted by mikehedge on August 1, 2009


I got to be part of the DIYDAYS events in 2008 in LA and San Francisco. This year, I couldn’t join the DIYDAYS in Philly, so I made a video. Arin Crumley and Zak Forsman, among others are doing a neat panel called: Changes in Creative Collaboration. Here is the video I made which is part of the New Breed project from The Workbook Project.

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  1. Arin Crumley Said,

    Great comments on collaboration. Thanks for posting this and for being a part of DIY DAYS from afar. See you soon buddy.

  2. tiff Said,

    fun to see you again!
    So looking forward to ATDS.

  3. Karen A. Said,

    This is really good. You are incredible.

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