Burning Man 2010

Posted by mikehedge on September 17, 2010

This year’s Burning Man was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for everyone making it such a great year! This year I joined a film team to work on an ambitious multiple-year documentary. Shooting on RED998 MX was such a pleasure. The footage from this year is like nothing anyone has ever captured at any Burning Man event ever. Hopefully soon, I can share some of the breathtaking footage.

With two tickets, (designed by my friend Arin Fishkin) my dad and I headed out to the playa. This year upon arriving at Black Rock City, 50,000 other people and I were blessed with a beautiful double rainbow. I shot the whole week for the documentary project, so have very few photos, but I did manage to shoot some stills. I had a great time, and managed to meet up with a bunch of friends.

IMG_4957IMG_4788thank youIMG_5171Camp Monkey BusinessIMG_6021_1IMG_5540IMG_5445IMG_5670

After several years of being jealous of people who have gotten to shoot Black Rock City from the air, I got my chance! I was lucky enough to shoot some RED footage from the sky.

The City From AboveAny Given Moment on the PlayaIMG_5968

I managed to shoot a few jumpshots for my Jumping Book. Such fun shooting with great people including: Jess Bobier, Chris and Cherie from Technomadia, Tao Ruspoli, Halcyon, Tim Ferriss,

I also got to meet up with a bunch of friends including: Scott London, John Curley, Andie Grace, Yomi, Paul Caridad, Lauren Randolph, Caitlin Randolph, Dillon Morris, Lukas Fittl, Kati Bicknell and Will Sacks (who are launching a new company called Moonlyght), as well as many others. Here’s my set on flickr.

Nurse jumpshot =)Tao Ruspoli jumpshot @ Bliss Dance - Burning Man 2010Tim Ferriss jumpshot @ Center Camp - Burning Man 2010Halcyon jumpshot @ Pink Heart Camp - Burning Man 2010IMG_5420Spitfyre and me =)Jumpshot of Shimmer at Kidsville at Burning Man 2010IMG_6201IMG_6223IMG_6209IMG_5839IMG_5851Thunder Dome shootIMG_6369IMG_6374IMG_6440IMG_6699_1IMG_6578IMG_6725

  1. howard kan Said,

    AWESOME, you're the man….the burning man!!!!! Can't wait to see the footage!

  2. Mike Hedge Said,

    me too! gonna be so epic!

  3. johnhalcyonstyn Said,

    You are always a bright light on the Playa.
    ( btw, did I see you catch some footage of me dancing on a tower one sunset?)
    p.s. My jumping shot is one of my all-time favorite portraits, ever. (Actually, you have a few on my top 10) It makes me happy. Thank you.

  4. Mike Hedge Said,

    same back at you =) I think there is a moment of you. ah! I love your jumpshot! so great.

  5. Terry Pratt Said,

    If you guys are shooting next year, I'm there for you!

  6. Clearly Composed Said,

    Wow..your pics just scream joy and life. What a treat to get lost in them for a bit. I smiled often and wide. 🙂

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