SXSW 2011

Posted by mikehedge on March 26, 2011

On my way out East, I went to SXSW in Austin. It pretty much felt like a dejavu from last year, but differnet people, different films, different photos. =) I saw a ton of movies. Here are my photos from this year: link

At SXSW, my friends Cherie and Chris from Technomadia, and Tynan were giving talks about travel. It was great to see their presentations. After, we had a travel gathering, where I got to meet people like Gary Arndt.


I got to see Mike Ambs, Zadi, Lan, Vu, and Bonny, which is always fun =) At the IndieGoGo party I got to see Slava, and Emily Hagins, who was premiering her film My Sucky Teen Romance at SXSW. I also got to attend the Austin Burning Man gathering at a local park.


I also got to attend the huge Vimeo party, check out the video that Mike Ambs helped with:

I was able to see a ton of movies this year. Most were pretty awesome, but some were super horrible films, films that should have never been made. I guess that is what the movie industry is about, people make what they want. I am not including links to them.

96 Minutes 

A great multi-storyline film. Shot well, well edited.

Dragonslayer –

A interesting documentary, that followed a skateboarder.

Fuck My Life –

a super enjoyable relationship film shot in Chile. It mixed with all sorts of present day relationship things like people inteacting online via facbook etc. It was shot on a 7D.

Apart –

Bizzare film.

Natural Selection –

super well shot. engaging plot. Intense

Hesher –

A crazy crazy film starring Joseph Gordon Levitt of Hit Record. Intense… Natalie Portman also has a role in the film.

My Sucky Teen Romance – directed by my friend Emily Hagins

wow. super fun. well shot. Great comedy about vampires… huge sold out screening. Actually every one of her screenings were sold out. =) Here’s her trailer:


I attended a great panel that included Billy Corben and producer Christine O’malley moderated by IDA board president Eddie Schmidt. I had lunch with Scilla Andreen of Indieflix,  Brian Chirls who made Crowd Controls,  Brian Felsen from CD Baby, and Nic Baisley from Film Snobbery. I saw Micki Krimmel of Neighborgoods, and got to see Bill Erickson at his bday party, April Johnson, a fellow filmmaker, and Shannon Lepere, a fellow jumpshot photographer. Andie Grace and I had lunch, we caught up about the Burning Man documentary I’m getting finished.


SXSW has a great Music portion that lasts for many days. This year, several people I grew up with were performing as part of the official SXSW lineup, Endless Hallway, and Skrillex. Their shows were totally crazy. SXSW is crazy. At night it becomes a huge loud party scene, with a huge mixture of people visiting the festival for films, people visiting for all the music shows, and a ton of local people form Austin just out walking.


Maybe I will finally get all these photos made into a proper picturevideo for this year sorta like what I did for 2008: Thanks again for such a super great SXSW adventure, and thanks Shannon for letting me stay with you guys.


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