2011 Road Trip Back West

Posted by mikehedge on August 16, 2011

After being on the east coast for many many months editing with people involved with As The Dust, I needed to head back west. After we wrapped on Dan’s short, I left Quebec, and went through Montreal, then to Toronto, where I met up with Kiki and her family. We did some camping and canoeing which is always super fun. Then I went to Indiana where I got to see Madison and her family again! Always so so lovely to see her. Then I headed on to meet up with fellow free-energy inventor, Russ Gries. It was great hanging out and discussing the future of water-based free-energy solutions. Then I got to meet up with Chicago-based dancer Monica Thomas, National Cycling Champion, Magen Long and fellow jumper, Nicole Faaborg. Then I headed to Colorado out to Black Mountain Ranch.

IMG_1813IMG_1748IMG_2115IMG_1987IMG_1824IMG_2584IMG_2689IMG_2601IMG_2800IMG_3102Russ Gries - jumpshotIMG_3170IMG_3242IMG_3301IMG_3454Monica Thomas - jumpshotIMG_3642Magen Long - jumpshotIMG_3759IMG_3873IMG_4078Nicole Faaborg  - jumpshot

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