Road Trip to Montreal – Oct 2011

Posted by mikehedge on October 18, 2011

Right after I returned from the unschooling conference in San Diego, after a solid 6 months on the road, mostly on the east coast getting the editing on As The Dust done, I decided to join a neat project that my friends Lance Weiler and Janine Saunders were doing called Robot Heart Stories. The trip started from Montreal. So super last minute, I decided to drive out to Montreal with the rental car. I’m glad I did, as it allowed me to visit some friends that I missed on the way back from the east coast in August.

I left LA and headed straight to Texas to visit my friends at the Garden of Eden. I was so great seeing Jamie and Kieran and Shellie. I had a blast doing some gardening. We even planted some seeds for some new plants.

I stopped by in Nashville and shot for a few days on a neat video that my friend Ashleigh was making about Nashville, then on to visit Gregor at his new shop in Ashville, NC, then to Charlotte, NC to visit Randy and Juli at Luna’s Living Kitchen. Always great seeing everyone!

I visited with Owen, (who was part of our crew for As The Dust back in 2008) then stopped by Roger’s in Connecticut, before picking up Tiff in Providence, and driving into New Hampshire to say hi to Kelly of The Unschool Bus, then a quick hello with the Martin family, then to Caitlin’s house, where we had a pizza party celebration! We then managed to make it to the festival launch of Robot Heart Stories at the Festival Du Nouveau Cinema in Montreal.

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