1127 2005!!!

Posted by mikehedge on November 27, 2005

Well, here it is, 1127 2005.

This year has been amazing. In December 2004, while
part of the Pasadena City College soccer team, we won
the South Coast Conference. After finishing classes at
PCC, I traveled back to Whistler for skiing. During
January, I was on a west coast tour for an indie-rock
band named, Darci Cash. I then battled thru Feb, March
and April producing the DVD for the film I produced,
“Room 27” Check www.Room27.com for the film’s trailer.
After a very successful DVD release party, the film has
gotten tons of great feedback. It was a finalist in
the BAFTA Student Awards, and a semi-finalist in the
Angelus Awards.

In September, after completing several other film
projects, I traveled to Alaska with my family. And
since mid October, I have been shooting a documentary
about Darci Cash. We have been on a nationwide US
tour. I’ll be gone thru the end of the year, returning
to LA after traveling through NY, DC, FL, TX and AZ.
Check out www.darcicash.com for news.


As this is my annual “official 1127 email,” lots of
things have happened this year and many big projects
are in store for 2006.

Good luck, peace, happiness, freedom, energy, and
Mike Hedge www.Room27.com

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