Official 1127 email

Posted by mikehedge on November 27, 2006

Well, here it is, 1127 2006.

Seems like it was a few weeks ago that I sent out this for 2005.

This is my 5th year sending out my 1127 email. So let’s start back

in November of last year. I was on a 63-day national tour with LA

band “Darci Cash” We finished the tour

back in LA the day before Xmas 2005.

After being in LA enough time to wash my clothes and pack my

bags again, I headed up to Seattle to produce a feature film,

“Wake Up You’re Sleeping” directed by my friend Nathaniel

Bennett. We shot for about 30 days. We battled the rain each and

every day… fun times. Stay tuned for news and info!

I then left Seattle and headed for Park City to the Sundance Film

Festival, where my friend, Roger Ingraham was premiering his

feature film called “Moonshine” Very awesome real-life vampire

film. The easy 15 hour drive from Seattle to Park City ended up

being about 27 hours. The whole drive, roads were closed, and it

was snowing on and off the whole drive…….

The day after I got back from Utah, I began the production of a

short that my friend, Glenn Ripps, wrote and directed called

“Louder Than Words.” For the film, we shot 16,000 still photos on

a Canon 1D and the 20D. I was involved in the editing, doing the

pickups and finalizing the sound and music through May.

Then in May, I was invited to film in Africa for a human rights group

called Youth for Human Right International, I spent three weeks documenting

the activities in Liberia and Ghana. While is Africa, I ended up

shooting 25 hours of footage and shot over 5000 photos.

I then had a day or two at home before leaving on the 45-day

Youth or Human Rights’ World Tour 2006. I traveled through 23

countries, shot over 75 hours of video and shot over 30,000


So now, here it is already November of 2006, I am working on

many new projects, doing lots of video editing and continuing with

photography. If you will be out in Park City in January for

Sundance, let me know.




As this is my annual “official 1127 email,” lots of things have

happened this year and many big projects are in store for 2007.

Check out my friends’ film:

Good luck, peace, happiness, freedom, energy, and love.

Mike Hedge

Ayz Waraich

that’s a lot of accomplishments my friend. I feel lazy now. 😉

Good luck this year. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to work together on something.

Posted by Ayz Waraich on Monday, November 27, 2006 at 9:43 PM
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busy man… and i thought i was crammed for time!
pshhh. i agree with ayz… i feel lazier than crap. hah.

but take up ayz’s thought… work on something together…
than invite your best washington friend to help out…
and VOILA! the smartest people alive make an awesome film.

Posted by [film/geek] on Monday, November 27, 2006 at 10:39 PM
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  1. Seb DIY Said,

    I haven’t lived like that ever….man! you are always on the go. Good effort old chap.

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