Eco Trip Beginning

Posted by mikehedge on June 4, 2007

Eco Trip Beginning

I left LA on May 30 with Leslie Gant, the other Eco Trip team member from LA. We landed at SEATAC in Seattle.

It was exciting to see all the “green.” I love Washington and was happy for the trip to start, as we were excited to meet the other Eco Trip team members.

We were taking photos from the start. (Leslie in the Seattle Airport)

Once we got to the Hotel that would become our base for the next couple days, we got the bikes. We all tested them out and made sure the brakes worked.  Michael McGuire with his new bike. He looks ready for an Eco Trip

We did end up getting kick stands for the bikes. (Michael McGuire became the expert at putting them on.)

The first shot of the four Eco Trip team members all together.

At the Microsoft campus, while waiting to meet the Live Spaces team, we got the required Microsoft sign shot.

We got treated to a nice lunch at the Microsoft cafe next to the waterfalls. The Microsoft campus is very green and spacious.

Right from the get go we were navigating the bus routes… we did miss a bus…. but we did get to where we were going.

I jump high, I tried to jump over the sun….

Sunsets in Washington are pretty…..

The 30 second time lapse shot in Kirkland, WA

At the EarthCorps project they had more than 30 people!

The project was on Mercer Island. We took 3 different buses to get there.

All the gloves after the EarthCorps event.


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