1127 2007

Posted by mikehedge on November 27, 2007

Wow…. it’s finally 1127 2007. Hope everyone had a pleasant
Thanksgiving this year.

I have been sending out these emails for 5 years now. Every year, I
try to stay in touch with everyone, by sending out an email updating
people on what I’ve been up to, in hopes that others will keep me up
to date with what they are up to.

So jump back to the end of last year’s email. I spent the end of 2006
in Vail, CO. Love it there. So much snow!

In January, I went out to Sundance to meet up with a bunch of
people. While there, I teamed up with Arin and Susan, the creators
of the film “Four Eyed Monsters.” They were doing a Sundance
Channel video blog, A bunch of my photos from Sundance made it
into one of the videos on the official Sundance Channel youtube

While at Sundance, I got to see Alison perform as part of the
Sundance music program. She performed songs from her new
album “One Cell in the Sea.” (which got released on July 17, 2007
on Virgin Records!!!!!) www.afinefrenzy.com

After returning home from Park City, and the SIA tradeshow in
Vegas, I shot photos and video for a week, while on tour with The
Hanks. They were promoting their new album, “Your New
Attraction.” www.TheHanksOnline.com

Every year, the Cornell Club of Los Angeles has a film festival
showcasing great films.  We were honored to have Room 27 be
part of the event, February 21st.

Later in February, was the Independent Spirit Awards. As a
member of Film Independent, I got to vote for Four Eyed Monsters
for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Cinematography and for
the John Cassavetes Award. They ended up not winning, but it was
really great to see them out here in LA.

In March, to help a friend in need, I traveled for several weeks
through Utah, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and down California.
While up in Idaho, we met up with my friend, Ryan Tidrick who had a
showcase of his films and photography. www.ryantidrick.com/

In April, my dad and I were out in Vegas with good friend Mike
Lynch, attending NAB again. It’s always a crazy event with so many
companies launching new software or new cameras. Of course
RED had their awesome booth there. visit www.RED.com

Back in Los Angeles in May, while reading a great blog called
Mashable, I found out about a really great opportunity this summer.
Very last minute, I miraculously got an audition on May 18th to be
part of the Windows Live Spaces Eco Trip. The next day, I found out
that I was hired as the team manager and would be leaving in 10

But before heading up to Seattle for the start of the trip, I attended
the launch party for Project Pedal. a really inspiring project where
they documented a guy ride his bicycle across America all summer.
check out www.ProjectPedal.com

And on May 28th, I ran the annual Descanso Gardens 10K. This
was my 20th year running in the Descano Days race on Memorial
Day. Yep it’s true. Here’s a video, wait for it to load.

So, for the rest of May, all of June, and the first week of July, I along
with 3 other people, made our way across America by bicycle and
train. We kept a blog along the way, posting videos, photos, and
blogs about our journey. On 07-07-07 we made it to New York City
where Live Earth was. At Live Earth, I was able to shoot photos of
artists like Kanye West, Ludacris, and Bon Jovi etc. Check out our
summer blog at www.SpacesEcoTrip.com and the Live Earth site
at www.liveearth.msn.com

After the Eco Trip had ended, I spent a few weeks in New York City
hanging out with Arin and Susan, and visited my extended family,
many whom I had never met before. Thanks for such an awesome
time guys. Miss you all very much.

In late July, I left New York in time to visit my grandma in Florida for
a few days. It was really great to see her again. She is such an
incredibly inspiring person. I miss her.

After I returned to LA for a day, I participated in the Santa Monica
photowalk and got to meet inspiring photographer Thomas Hawk.
Here’s the photos from the day

In August, we left for Hawaii. For several weeks we traveled through
four different islands. I really loved going hiking, snorkeling, scuba
diving, and of course the incredibly beautiful sunsets. Photos

So, in September, after finally returning home from summer, we had
the annual welcome back party with Kellyn and Nikki. It’s always fun
to hear stories and see photos after summer. Thanks to everyone
who attended. Here’s a great video that my friend Lan Bui did.

Also in September, I got to shoot photos for Alison, who performed
for two nights at the House of Blues Hollywood. She had been
touring all summer promoting her new album out on Virgin Records.

Then in mid-September, I got the call from Macgregor. Macgregor
is an incredibly talented DP/Director from Spain. I have followed his
work for quite some time. We talked about options, and ideas, and
working on a short film project. And two days later, the crew flew in
from Spain and we were shooting out on the Salt Flats in Utah.
What was so special about this project, was that only 3 weeks prior,
the first 25 RED cameras were released, and we got to shoot on
RED #19!!! The experience was amazing, so thank you to our great
cast and crew, and a big thank you to Macgregor, Zach, and Blair.
Our thread on the forum has nearly 40,000 views www.REDuser.net
The photos from the Salt Flats are incredible. Thanks Ayz for the
hook up.

In October, right after returning from Utah, we headed out to
Catalina Island to visit Camp Cherry Valley for some snorkeling and
kayaking. I was on staff there all summer in 1999. This was the first
time I had been back there in many years.

Later in October, I volunteered at the GOOD Magazine 1 year
anniversary party. I ended up shooting photos for the event, which
was tons of fun. Here’s a video version of all the photos I took. And if
you are not subscribing to GOOD magazine, you should:

For the last couple weeks, I have been interning at the sister
company of GOOD, Reason Pictures. They have some really great
projects lined up. I also have been editing a short film directed by
Ted Prescott called, “America’s Phoneless.” Stay tuned for more
about that!

In other news, On November 14, REDCINE was released for Mac
and PC!!!!! This is the software that allows people to view and
export the footage from the RED cameras.

Of course there are probably a million things that I have missed, like
all the Venturing Crew 355 trips and adventures this year, and all
the things that I have photographed, like the Delphi Haunted House.

What’s next? “The Winnies” are November 30th!
www.youarethewinner.org Let me know if you will be out in Park City
for Sundance 2008. And I’m super excited for February, as I will
take delivery of RED #998.


All the photos I take flickr.com/mikehedge
All my semi-daily updates twitter.com/mikehedge
All the great sites/links I tag del.icio.us/mikehedge

Good luck, peace, happiness, freedom, energy, and love.

Mike Hedge behedge@yahoo.com

P.S. I finally launched mikehedge.com !!! (still working on it,
but subscribe to the RSS feed for blog updates)

  1. daisy Said,

    I love you!!!

  2. Andrew A. Peterson Said,


    Good update!


    is 11/27 your birthday or something? Did I miss something?

  3. Bryn Wolf Said,

    I LOVE YOUR MOTION! motive and motion, and the speed we are going, to pummel through life, to take the MOST of the moment of MOMENTum, to live at 100%!

    you inspire me!


  4. Andy Mueller Said,

    you are a busy man. as Mr. Wolf said, it's inspiring. i'm still having trouble figuring out how to live a life doing what i love, and make a living at it here in utah! thanks for keeping people updated on all your projects, very cool.

    best wishes.

  5. Carl Watts Said,

    Yes I see you have been busy! You’ve done well. Continue and best to you for 2008!

  6. Dan Kosenski Said,

    Hello..You don’t know me but came across your update by viewing one of my friends daughters photos, Elissabet Claire. Very cool and nice upbeat energy! keep it up! Dan

  7. Seb DIY Said,

    Yea, this was worth checking out. Bryn Wolf (Comment above) is right, you are inspiring!

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