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In November, Macgregor, Zac, Pedro, and I traveled from Madrid to Shanghai. While there, we hung out with Ryan from RED and explored the great city of Shanghai. A highlight for me was seeing the Pearl and experiencing a city with an unbelievable amount of people.

Shanghai, ChinaIMG_3635IMG_3533IMG_3368

We left Shanghai and flew to Bangkok, Thailand, switched planes, and ended up in Phuket. We then ventured out to the Phi Phi Islands. It is so beautiful there (not to mention Thaifood everyday! =)


We found ourselves back in Bangkok, shot a bunch of footage, and hung out with Martin trying to get our visa for India. We were headed to Mumbai about a week after the shootings, so it was suspicious for the visa guy to see four guys traveling to Mumbai. Long story short, after many hours of waiting, we got our visas and headed to Mumbai, India the next morning.



While in Mumbai, we met up with Binny, who is a friend of my friend Anil. The city of Mumbai is packed with people and cars 24/7. We headed out to Elephanta Island to check out the ancient sculptures in the caves.


Here’s a quick clip including a shot of India’s largest slum, Dharavi.

India Dec 09-2008 from mikehedge on Vimeo.

From India, we flew back to Madrid.

  1. Shanna Said,

    Amazing Pics! I would love to see India, it is definitely a place I must visit..

    Looks like it was an amazing adventure!

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    […] So last year, after an amazing shoot out at Burning Man, and several months traveling all over Europe, I ended up in Madrid where my friends, Macgregor, Zac, Pedro, and I talked about doing a trip out to Asia to shoot some tests and location scout for a film project. We left from Madrid on Nov 27th 2008 and flew to Shanghai, China. then to Thailand, including Phi Phi Islands)┬áthen to Mumbai, India. Here’s a quick clip from India including a shot of India’s largest slum, Dharavi. India Dec 09-2008 Please read the blog here. […]

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