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Right after I returned from the epic Park City trip, I launched a huge crowdfunding fundraiser to get the final VFX shots finished for Zac&Mac’s genius shortfilm SIMILO.

It was a huge effort. Together with the large indie film community, all the fans of the original short, and a bunch of my closest friends and connections, I managed to raise over $14,000 for the project. It was truly a great experience. I almost wish I was fundraising every month. It’s exciting to gain support of like-minded people. It’s exciting to post updates on the progress, it’s exciting every time someone donates, even if it’s only a dollar. And yes it’s very exciting during the final few minutes before the cut-off time. These funds have allowed Zac&Mac and I to continue getting the VFX done on SIMILO. During the fundraiser we were mentioned on all sorts of blogs, and even highlighted by Kickstarter.

Here’s a few mentions: Fresh DV, No Fat Clips, Colorcubic, and an interview on IndyMogul. During all the buzz regarding the SIMILO fundraiser, we also hit the front page of both Slashfilm and Twitchfilm as well as Filmonic regarding our epic sci-fi feature project KOR3. So that was exciting! Our other short, UYUNI played it’s eighteenth film festival during February as well.

kickstarter SIMILOslashfilm kor3colorcubicfreshDV

February 12-14th I got to attend this year’s BIL Conference! It was great meeting up with various friends, several ATDS Board of Advisors, and several people who are working on innovative projects or ideas. Here’s a bunch of photos from the event.

BIL logo


In February, it was the first Cinefist event screening. Zak Forsman and the team at Sabi Pictures have created a great quarterly screening series at the Downtown Indie theatre. They screened Tom Quinn’s film The New Year Parade, which is now out on DVD on Ashley’s Carnavalesque Films label. The screening was great. Before the film was played, the entire audience got to vote for the film that would play in the next quarterly screening.  photos link


February 13th I got to go inside the brand new RED Studios Hollywood. Jim and his team have set up an incredibly impressive grading suite with the latest and greatset SONY 4K projectors and real time 4K playback systems. We all got to hang out with the RED team and learn about the new EPIC camera, and watch some of the new RED MX footage from the new RED MX sensors that RED is now installing into the RED ONEs. Always fun getting to play with the RED team, and various fellow RED owners.  Twitter recap:

Was @ @bilconf #bil10 now @ new RED Studios Hollywood w/ 200 other owners. Jim, Cioni, Kelly, Rob, @Gnattress, Lukas & everyone is here#R3D


Through my friend Frank Da Silva I got to work with Jacqueline Genie for her project on Positivetv.tv at the Consciousness Life Expo. While there, I got to shoot interviews with some great people including; John Hogue and Mike Bara. I also got to meet Richard C. Hoagland, David Wilcock, as well as Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot. It was an incredible event, and I learned some pretty amazing things, much of which you can learn if you read David Wilcock’s blog. Fun times ahead! Here’s my twitter recap:

Filming w/ friend here @ Consciousness Life Expo. Just met Howe, Hogue, Brinkley, Maxwell, Sitchin, @mikebara33, Hoagland, & @david_wilcock


On Feb 15th, LA Film School got to host a WGA meeting of the Oscar nominations for screenwriting, and I got to shoot the event. Amongst those nominated was Jason Reitman. Always fun being at my school and seeing fellow alumni and Media Center Manager, Iris again. Here’s the LAFS blog about it.


In late February, after many months of shenanigans, one of my awesome ATDS collaborators, Jamie Dee flew out to LA to help with the massive ATDS todo list. It was great finally getting things going with the various post production things for the film. She also inspired several of the other ATDS collaborators to have a few conference calls and a couple skype video chats. Communication is vital on a project of this scope, especially with various collaborators being based in various cities all over the US and world.

IMG_2296First Jump =)

For the soundtrack for As The Dust Settles, I’m working with so many great bands. I was very excited to get Alex Rich’s new The Soul’s Release album out on Dynophone Records, as well as David’s new Relmic Statute album out on Hibernate Records.


On Feb 28th, I was issued my World Record on the Universal Record Database for my jumping photos. I am the number one jumpshot photographer in the entire world. It’s official now!

urdb record

Other exciting news for February included the acceptance into the Cleveland International Film Festival!!! Here’s my twitter about it:

We got into @CIFF! http://www.UYUNI.eu Anyone in Cleveland, OH on Mar 27th? We play in Columbia next week! then Iceland first week of March!

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