September and October Recap

Posted by mikehedge on October 31, 2010

I arrived back in Los Angeles, after a crazy couple weeks filming at Burning Man 2010, for a great documentary project, then I flew to Toronto, to help shoot some pick-up scenes for a feature called Skeleton Lake. While there I attended the Toronto International Film Festival, and saw a great indie film directed by Charlotte Sachs Bostrup called Karla and Jonas. Then I visited friends, went to a great farmer’s market, helped can a bunch of tomatoes, visited my friend, Paul Cormack, to shoot some great jumpshots for my Jumping Book, then flew back to Los Angeles.

IMG_7829IMG_7800IMG_7923IMG_8803IMG_8023IMG_8046IMG_8109in Toronto! at TIFF!IMG_8093IMG_8210IMG_8217IMG_8235IMG_8260IMG_8369IMG_8480IMG_8522IMG_8709Paul Cormack jumpshot in Torontoonly from the airIMG_8992IMG_9391IMG_8936

While in LA, I had a beautiful moment with a great double rainbow in my backyard, posted some VFX updates on our SIMILO project. Saw Sara Ziff’s awesome documentary Picture Me, and Mike Dion and Hunter Week’s genius documentary Ride The Divide got released!! (and is now on youtube for rent.) Got an awesome mention about my Jumping Book on a site called Visual News.

I then flew to Detroit, helped shoot some scenes for my friend Ruairi Robinson for his awesome next sci-fi short film, starring Kett Turton, and got to work with people like producer Nick Ryan, DP Macgregor, and friends Judd Tilyard and Ayz Waraich. I briefly saw Jerry Paffendorf before I flew back to LA. I had a gorgeous sunrise at 30,000 feet before I returned some gear on the WB lot.

Grateful for the last few weeks of shooting, traveling, and visiting with great people. Very exciting to share some of the video I shot, as well as some of the great projects I have been lucky enough to be part of.

my back yard right nowIMG_9352IMG_9265IMG_9389IMG_9599IMG_9517IMG_9911IMG_9943IMG_0090IMG_0139IMG_0611IMG_0619IMG_0647IMG_0790IMG_0728IMG_1167IMG_1303halves: morningIMG_1406IMG_1485IMG_1525

Near the end of October, I got to join the great people from the IDA for a great discussion with Lucy Walker (director of such great documentaries like Devil’s Playground and Waste Land. It was so great hearing from Lucy about the documentary process. She is quite inspiring. Her documentary Waste Land is in theatres now, check it out. I first saw Waste Land out at Sundance this year and blogged about it here.

Check out my beautiful, talented friend @lucywalker ("blindsight" "wasteland" "devils playground")- Speaking now @ IDA.

The past few weeks have been great for our short film UYUNI. We got into several more film festivals, and we just found out that we won another two festivals. First prize at the Festival de Cortometraje Jerez 2010, and second prize at the Festival de Cortos de Orotava. I’m very proud of all the success with the film.

The new awesome remix album from Codes in the Clouds was released recently! Check out the center spread background of the CD jacket, which RED998 shot during our shoot in the UK with Codes in the Clouds. I also recently got Halcyon’s new book! I can’t wait to read it.

Genius Codes in the Clouds remix album!!!!!Love more fear less, Float more steer less

We are slowly getting the VFX work finished for SIMILO! I hope to have more updates soon!

SIMILO Truck_texturing_v01

My twitter post from Oct 24th:

“your experience is solely based on what your expectations are.”

your experience is solely based on what your expectations are.

  1. Tiff Said,

    Totally inspiring…you live a lot of life in every month! Gorgeous pictures, can’t wait to see videos from the 7D!!!

  2. Mike Hedge Said,

    thanks. same to you. your blog posts are so awesome and inspiring. It's now November =) I wonder how the next few weeks will go leading up to the 1127 post for 2010.

  3. Janet Hedge Said,

    You are awesome Mike. Janet

  4. Mike Hedge Said,


  5. cindy carpenter Said,

    You have an amazing life…and I am sure that all this people are so blessed to have you in their lives…as you are blessed with them!!!!! I love reading your life in words…thank you for sharing….blessings..cindy

  6. Mike Hedge Said,

    thanks so much Cindy!!!! you rock.

  7. Matt Said,

    You are a busy man! Great photos. I love the shoe tree.

  8. Mike Hedge Said,

    thanks. ya that shoe tree was wild!.

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