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Posted by mikehedge on April 10, 2011

As I said in February,

In March I get to adventure out to SXSW then out East on a journey to get As The Dust Settles edited. I have never switched so many things around, canceled so many of my plans, and put so many things on hold for any project I have ever done. I have a lot of support, and I hope that all my effort, persistence, and patience will be worth it in the end.

Since being in Los Angeles was far away from various people that were part of a huge documentary I have been in the middle of finishing, I decided to fully commit to getting it finished. I decided that I would drive to the East Coast with a bin full of hard drives for the project, and just edit on the East Coast with whoever wanted to work with me on getting the project finished. In future blogs I will share what happened, for now, here is my trip out east =)

I went to Sedona, AZ. A super beautiful place. I got to hang out with fellow inventor and friend Jamie Buturff. Then I headed out to Texas, via Meteor Crater, AZ, which was so awesome to see again. The last time I saw it was in 2001. After SXSW in Austin, while still in Texas I hung out with family, as well as my friends: Christine Moers, Rachel Huson, and Kimmy Ngyen (who was in our shoot for our upcoming film KORE.)


I left Texas, and headed to Nashville, where I got to hang out with Anja, the Nickle family, and Ashleigh Prince, then on to Atlanta, for a Royksopp show with Allie Rivenbark, who I hadn’t seen since film school days back in 2003. Then out to South Carolina, where I met up with flickr friend Jackie Pennoyer, then to North Carolina to meet up with Jamie Dee to work on As The Dust, then to Luna’s Living Kitchen to hang out with Randy and Juliana.

IMG_1807IMG_2244IMG_2040Now in Atlanta at a @royksopp showIMG_2396IMG_2575IMG_2641IMG_2955

Then I headed north and stopped to visit Susanna Greever, a fellow PQ 2008 staffer, then I met up with Johnny Utterback, a fellow photogrpher, as well as one of the musicians for As The Dust. Johnny and I put together the first teaser for As The Dust, and in April, I got it approved and launched it online. Then I visited: my cousin Lauren, Zeke Zelker, Tene Kelly, Katheryn, and Jeremy to do some editing work on ATDS. While I was in NY I got to see Matt Zchoche, (who I worked with on Room 27 back in 2003) and I attended a screening of Brook Silva-Braga’s new documentary The China Question.

Here’s the teaser for As The Dust:

IMG_3326IMG_3531Johnny Utterback jumpshotIMG_3745IMG_3723IMG_3840IMG_4214IMG_4485IMG_4684IMG_4776IMG_4575IMG_5246

Then I headed north to New Hampshire and visited with the Halldorson family who travel around in their awesome Unschool Bus. I love the jumpshot we did for my Jumping Book. Then up to the Life Rocks Unschooling Conference, that my friend Dayna was doing. More about that and my other travels in later blogs.

Unschool Bus jumpshotIMG_5604

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