Robot Heart Stories – the journey

Posted by mikehedge on October 30, 2011

After driving over 3000 miles to get to Montreal, I basically turned around and drove the whole thing back again, except this time I got to road trip with someone, which is always super fun. We got to go through many cities for the Robot Heart Stories project. First driving across Canada for a bit, from Montreal to Toronto, where we got to see Ayz and Judd of Dimeworth Films, then to Parry Sound, and Sault St. Marie, then to Minneapolis where we got to visit with my good friends Michelle and Jeremiah. Then we went to South Dakota and got to see Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse monuments, then past the Alamosa Solar Farm and the Great Sand Dunes of Colorado, then out to Four Corners area where we got to stay at The View Hotel right at Monument Valley. It was crazy neat to be right in the middle of all the large formations! Then on to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and back to LA, stopping by the Griffith Observatory which is always a fun place in the evening.

The whole trip was super fun, Every day a new post would go live on and lots of people would track us, as we were the travel buddies for the robot name Laika. Our journey, (and all our great photos of Laika and her journey) were posted on the blog here. The project got blogged in a bunch of places including GOOD, and Here’s my whole photo set.

Our Site is Live!!!!!!!IMG_6734IMG_6757IMG_6787IMG_6814IMG_7041IMG_0507_100HSIMG_7396IMG_0540_100HSIMG_0542_100HSIMG_7786IMG_7775IMG_8334IMG_8493IMG_8902IMG_9089IMG_9250IMG_9508IMG_9387Tiff rockin the hoopIMG_9637IMG_9696IMG_0842_100HSIMG_9726IMG_9788IMG_9833IMG_9966IMG_0862_100HSIMG_0215IMG_0285IMG_0256IMG_0329IMG_0427IMG_0472IMG_0625Monument Valley this morningIMG_0812IMG_1131IMG_1253IMG_1313IMG_1253_100HSIMG_1692IMG_1744IMG_1723

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