As The Dust Settles

Posted by mikehedge on August 3, 2008

So. I’m finally back in LA after being gone for 4 months.

In May I left for a crazy road trip with Arin and Susan


I got back, repacked my bags, and left for a trip with my dad to Israel.


I then flew from Tel-Aviv to New York to shoot Gabrielle and Nathan Reid’s wedding.

It was so seriously genius. Congrats guys!!!!! love you both!!!


Then I joined up with Arin, Roger and Mike, and did a whole documentary down the East coast


Then I flew out to Big Sky, Montana to shoot Primal Quest for 3 weeks


After Montana, I did a roadtrip back to LA via my film screening in Ashland OR


On my way back to LA, I had a meeting with Andie Grace at the Burning Man HQ.

Our documentary for Burning Man got approved!!!

As The Dust Settles  cast/crew

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  1. Michelle Said,

    Wow. I can’t even imagine doing so much. You blow my mind!
    Glad to see everything’s going so well though!

    Hopefully it continues to do so and only get better. Smile everyday and enjoy the world around you 🙂

  2. elevenhearts Said,

    I got tired just by reading it:):)

  3. Craig Said,

    Hey Mike, you look like you’re having a blast, getting around and seeing cool stuff. You recently commented on my PCT hiking site about following along with my Japan hike. Well it’s already over. I started in April 2008, it’s all online now at so you can follow along, but you’ll be a few months behind 🙂

  4. JON Said,

    Wow. Some incredible photos. Looks like a helluva great time!


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