A few recent projects:

A feature-length documentary I created and produced, shot on RED at Burning Man 2008, now in post-production, As The Dust A short film I produced shot on RED, on the Bonneville Salt Flats which was written and directed by Zac&Mac, UYUNI

I was a 2ndAD on this scifi film directed by Ruairi Robinson called BLINKY A scifi feature film set in the year 2065, I’m working with Zac&Mac on called KORE

A short film I edited, directed by Ted Prescott, America’s Phoneless A scifi short film that I’m helping Zac&Mac with called SIMILO

America's Phoneless

A short film I produced, edited, and co-wrote, shot on Kodak 35mm, Room 27 A short film I produced and edited, directed by Glenn Ripps, Louder Than Words (a teaser)

Room 27Louder Than Words

Genius films my friends have made, each links to the film’s website:

(I have more to add)

A Map For SaturdayRide The DivideFor Thousands of MilesSleep DealerHead TraumaRIP a remix mainfestoPlan 9 From SyracuseWe Live In PublicRevenge Of The Electric CarJumping Off BridgesBURDENI Am The BluebirdUnicornsJesus In India

Genius Music related Bands/People/Labels:

(I have more to add)

Erased Tapes RecordsCodes In The CloudsEccoA Fine Frenzy

Some of my Inspirations/Friends:

(I have more to add =)

Robert Raths
Brook Silva-braga
Tiffani Bearup
Paul Stamiatiou
Bill Erickson
Ayz Waraich
Kat Candler
Jon Rawlinson
Zak Forsman
Mike Ambs
Lan Bui
Lance Weiler
Ruairi Robinson
Hunter Weeks
Leah Meyerhoff
Ondi Timoner
Chris Paine
Lauren Randolph
Scott London
Thomas Hawk
Nassim Haramein
Dan Winter
Marko Rodin
Randy Powell
Drunvalo Melchizedek
David Wilcock
Brad Templeton
Taylor Swift
Esther Hicks
Ron Paul
Tony Robbins
Alex Rivera
Frank Da Silva
Alastair Humphreys

Neat Projects:

Burning ManRed Fire FarmThe Workbook ProjectPower To The PixelPrimal QuestBIL ConferenceProject CamelotCouch Surfing