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Current Focus:

My feature length documentary:

My fantastic photobook project:

Short Bio

Graduated from¬†LA Film School majoring in producing and cinematography. Produced a bunch of films. As The Dust Settles will be my first feature-length documentary. I enjoy adventure travel,¬†photography, gardening, and free energy research. I’m also an Eagle Scout.

Here’s my 2011 recap picturevideo:
Thank You 2011
and my 2010 recap picturevideo:
Every Day is Spectacular: 2010 picturevideo

Primal Quest 2008

I tell people when they are awesome.
I am an Eagle Scout.
I have traveled to 50 countries.
I have won a watermelon eating contest.
I want to read this book...
I have 20/12 vision.
I have a world record for my jumpshots.

I don’t eat beef or pork.
I don’t wait in lines.
I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs.

Do not ever tell me what to do.
Do not ever tell me I “can’t.”

I love good music.
I love good photography.
I love driving.
I love cuddling.
I love traveling.
I love wind chimes.