50 States in 14 Days – the picturevideo (48 states)

Posted by mikehedge on June 7, 2009


Quiznos teamed up with independent filmmakers, Hunter Weeks (10 MPH/10 Yards/Ride the Divide) and Mike Dion to produce a series of videos that capture the Quiznos Torpedo phenomenon and aim to inspire anyone to create videos of their own for the “Where’s Your Torpedo” $10,000 Video Challenge.

I joined the team and did the lower 48 states in 12 days. The whole time we tracked ourselves using the Spot GPS unit. Here is our Map: http://mikehedge.com/map/

I shot 5000 photos on the trip. You remember the picturevideo I made for SXSW 2008 from all the photos? Well, I made a picturevideo from all the photos of this trip. I shot all the photos with a Canon 40D. Each frame plays for 3 frames on the timeline.

Genius Music by my friends!
First Music Track by: We All Inherit The Moon myspace.com/weallinheritthemoon
Second Music Track by: The American Dollar theamericandollar.info

picturevideo on vimeo.

picturevideo on youtube.

Here is the slideshow of the flickr set.

Check out the contest at www.toastytorpedo.com
Quiznos on Twitter twitter.com/QuiznosToaster
Quiznos on Facebook tinyurl.com/quiznosfb

Here are the videos that we made:

  1. Suzanne Espener Said,

    Mike you are amazing. I was having a bad day and now you have made it better. Thank You!
    Peace and Love

  2. Colleen Yancy Said,

    Gosh, I'm very jealous of your travels!

  3. Tiffani Said,

    The picture video is really amazing! I love the stop motion aspect to much of it…such a great way to show such an epic trip.

  4. Tim Clague Said,

    Nice effect Mike – and what a journey. Plus, cheers for the comment on my blog! Appreciate it.

  5. Mike Hedge Said,

    for sure. ya the trip was epic.

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