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How does one take a moment to reflect? How does one put into words the experiences of life? Here’s a quick update.

My friend Robert Hogg and his company, Toy Kite Software launched a crazy genius iphone game called iSamurai. If you have an iphone, it’s a pretty genius app.

One of my major inspirations is a genius filmmaker named Ondi Timoner. Her latest documentary, We Live In Public, is out now!!! Lots of screenings everywhere. Since she won best documentary at this year’s Sundance, she has been touring all over the world for various film festivals. The film is now out! Check out the trailer here.

I was excited to receive a copy of Issue#81 of MovieMaker Magazine. This issue has a list of the Top Ten Indie Innovators. Arin Crumley is on the list, and my photo was used as the photo page for the article. It’s a shot from our 2008 shoot at Burning Man for As The Dust Settles. Here’s a link to the PDF http://tinyurl.com/ATDSmmag. I blogged about it on the ATDS blog here.


I went to RED’s REDucation Day. I got to briefly hang out with Mark from Off Hollywood & Ted from RED & Dino & Mike Cioni & Alexander from Octamas. It was awesome seeing a bunch of my original RED inspirations.


I finally got to see BURDEN!!!!!!!!!!! I have been a huge fan of this project for many many years. My friend Michael Lynch directed it out in chicago, and has been doing the post production and getting the SFX done for a quite a while. Congrats!!!! Here’s a blog with a bunch of photos from the premiere !!! Link


I also got to attend the DVXUSER screening, which was at the Downtown Indie Theatre this year. Zak did an awesome job running it. Some really great work. I also got to see Javier again! It was like a mini FHTA reunion!!!!


Jackie was out in LA for part of August doing an architecture program at UCLA, we went to the beach for a day! It was nice seeing her.

In August, Kieran Murphy (who I worked with back in the day on Eagle Eye) was shooting a TV show pilot for director Hadley Klein called Good Morning Rabbit. Nathan flew in to AC on the shoot, and RED998 with the Canon lenses was once again used to shoot some genius footage. Here’s some of Hadley’s BTS photos. Here’s some press links. Link Link Link Link.


If anyone was following the ATDS twitter, you would have known that As The Dust Settles was chosen to be part of the IndieGoGo Tease and Screen event at the Sausalito Film Fest. It was a super neat experience and the screening was sold out. We got to join several other IndieGoGo films including Zak Forsman’s Eloquent Graffiti. I got to screen a really unique interactive teaser. I blogged about it on the ATDS blog. IndieGoGo also blogged about the event here.

IMG_0253IMG_0519Follow Your Own Path

Late in August, my friend Terry Jones finally launched FluidDB. Crazy excited to see where this project will go!!!

A while ago, Ozan, Macgregor, and I shot a spec ad for the Aston Martin Vantage. Big thanks to Ted Prescott!!! RED998 and RED506 at it again!!!! Here’s the spec ad: http://vimeo.com/6255317 Macgregor also finished a nice montage of what we shot on RED998 while in India in December. It’s an epic video postcard! Here’s my Flickr set: http://bit.ly/MHindia

Anyone follow the LA fires? It seemed like my house was surrounded.

IMG_0889IMG_0926LA Fire

Working with such a large group of people can be a struggle. But in the end, I hope that everything works out. I posted a twitter on Aug 28th expressing how I felt about the situation.

“A round table (like the Knights of the Round Table) has no head. But someone did build the table. And someone did buy the chairs.”

Anyone heading to Burning Man?

who is going to Burning Man 2009?

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