Oct/Nov Split

Posted by mikehedge on November 24, 2009

Without a moment to relax, my adventures continued. After getting back from the epic CA road trip, I got busy doing taxes and eating pizza… DejaVu? I joined Arin Crumley at the FIND Filmmaker Forum after party. He was part of a disscusion with Lizzie Gillett, one of the producers of The Age of Stupid, and one of the people involved with http://www.indiescreenings.net/ I also got to hang out with Ondi Timoner and chatted about ATDS.

A couple days later I got to meet up with Rob Hindle. He is the genius filmmaker behind The Lone Filmmaker series. For many years he has been making a feature film by himself. I showed him a couple teasers for As The Dust Settles that I was working on, and we talked about filmmaking.


Late in October was the launch of Workbook Project’s RADAR Season 2!! Oct 30 was the RED announcement, for the new cameras Scarlet and Epic. We had over 12,000 people on REDuser for the announcement. Crazy excited about the new cameras.

For several days in the beginning of November, I got to shoot some BTS stills for my friend Ayz’s sci-fi short, The Devine River. It was awesome being on set, and having solely the focus of shooting great BTS stills. Normally I’m multi-tasking, or producing or running around as an AD. So it was neat to be able to shoot for him. The film should turn out really nicely. They shot on RED with some anamorphic lenses. I also got to meet Karen Abad, who was also helping out with the shoot. She’s a fellow Project Pedal fan and supporter.


My friend Michael Perry, who started LiveforFame.com highlighted me and my photography work on LiveforFame Check out the Video: http://vimeo.com/7429949

The month of November continued. After countless hours of importing/labeling/organizing/yelling at miniDV tapes, and countless terabytes of copying/indexing/formatting, night after night after night, I end up heading to bed just catching our nearest star rising over the horizon. The sunrises are epically beautiful.

IMG_2908IMG_2865IMG_1454IMG_3147good morningA New Beginning

Noah Kadner’s book got published on Peachpit!!! I have a bunch of photos is the book including a photo on page 1 of us shooting As The Dust Settles. His book, RED: The Ultimate Guide to Using the Revolutionary Camera, covers a bunch of info about the RED camera and working with the workflow. You can get the book at Amazon.com


Amongst all the crazy projects I have been doing, I did get to watch Jason Calacanis’s show, This Week In Startups a couple times. He did one with Matt Mullenweg and another one with Gary Vaynerchuk. (whose genius book, CRUSH IT! just came out) These are amongst my favorite #TWIST shows yet.

November 19th I went to DIY DAYS LA. It was neat seeing Lance and a bunch of people. Jon Reiss’s new book Think Outside The Box Office is out now. Here is Jon Reiss’s talk from that day:


In the last couple weeks I have been dealing with a lot of media manage type stuff. I also have been working on a project, getting several thousand slides sorted and mailed out to ScanCafe and DigMyPics. These photos are from the 60’s and 70’s mostly, so getting them scanned and organized is important. I am finding some truly beautiful moments captured by my mom and dad.


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