Oct Shooting/Road Trip

Posted by mikehedge on October 10, 2009

Right after I returned all the gear from Ruairi’s shoot, Ozan flew in from Vancouver. A few days later, Macgregor, Ozan, RED998, and I took off for a crazy road trip adventure! Neither Macgregor or Ozan had seen the sites of California. And even though I had just been on a crazy neat trip up to Yosemite, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with them on a few projects.

Day 1 of the trip took us out past the Salton Sea, to Imperial Sand Dunes. I had never been there before, so that was super neat. We then headed up to Red Rock Canyon outside of Vegas. We stayed in Vegas, and Ozan and I did XScream on top of the Stratosphere, On our way to meet up with Ayz, we stopped at a gas station in Indian Springs NV. They were playing a song from my friend Ali’s new album!


We then met up with Ayz Waraich and his team. We shot for a day on a project he was working on with a few actors. For parts of the day we had 20mph winds. Fun times were had!


We then headed up to shoot around Tioga Pass and cross over through Yosemite, but several hours before we got there, they had closed the Tioga Pass because of too much snow! No worries! We headed up through Tahoe, and stopped by Nathan’s house. From there we went straight across to San Francisco, and ended up staying with Jerry at the Drgaon Drop. Huge shout out to Jerry! Check out his new project called Loveland where you can invest in inches of Detroit.


We shot in the SF area for a couple days and briefly met up with Aaron Marshall. Aaron did the music for UYUNI!!! He is also a genius filmmaker. We then headed up to Marin County. Such a beautiful place!!! Then we headed down to Big Basin Redwoods State Park. The Redwood trees are so beautiful and green!


Along the long drive back to LA, we stopped in Bakersfield area to shoot near the old oil fields there. Our last stop on the crazy adventure before Ozan and Macgregor flew out, was shooting on the beach in the Malibu/Point Dume area… at Sunset of course!


The trip can be summarized with “go go go. stop stop stop. go go go. stop go! GO! stop! one more time!” I look forward to the footage, I’m sure the results will be genius! Along this whole adventure I was a runner, in one of the projects we shot, so every day I got a ton of exercise.

  1. Tiffani Said,

    This is one trip I'd love to recreate with my family–such a great loop with so many sights along the way! I love the pictures from this flickr set.

  2. Mike Hedge Said,

    ya it was super lovely!!!! although sad that Yosemite was closed…

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