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During the months of October and November I shared a ton of things on my facebook wall. I shared links to things that inspired me, I asked questions and got feedback, I also shared some things that people should be aware of. I have not been very vocal with all the information I have. Maybe I will decide to be more vocal at some point. But really what needs to happen, is that people need to wake up. There are things that have happened in our country and on our planet that have been kept secret for many many decades. Recently, with the power and freedom of the internet, people have decided to go public by becoming whistleblowers, people have decided to speak out about things. Please do research. All information is now available online. Find out the truth.

Here’s a quick collection of thoughts/links/updates I posted on facebook. I invite you to read on:

Sept 25: I hope people can read between the lines. This doesn’t sound good to me.
Sept 26th:
wow. what a day. Ron Paul out there doing his best. Did you guys watch the videos of the HR1207 hearings? and at the same time the totally crazy videos coming back from the G20 meetings….. kinda crazy that both are happening at the same time.

Oct 9: October led me to many things. Many truly inspiring ideas. Run as fast as you can in direction of your dreams. seriously. How more clearly can I put it? The list has countless things on it…… but this morning at around 3 am I became enlightened. It’s a feeling I have never had. and I feel that it will never go away. I will be finishing my current slate of actions and I will be moving on to another place and time. Nassim Haramein is genius!. well done my friend! if you want to understand everything. Here is a simple video explaining everything and the pdf. Unified Field theory! Bam! Um…… Cybersecurity Act of 2009 seriously? Spike’s film that he made with Max, called Where The Wild Things Are came out! Here’s a great BTS of the film.

Oct 10: An epically genius list of some of the most important documentaries ever made. have fun with this one….truth. know it. Wow. Marko Rodin is genius! Vortex-based Math video Wonderful words from Esther: “You get to choose. How you feel indicates how you have chosen.” For many years I have learned an incredible amount from Esther and the Teachings of Abraham. I got the scans back from the disposable cameras we shot at Burning Man!!!! Can’t wait to upload them. Oct 11: Wow. How do bills like this get created? H.R. 256 and H.R. 3017

Oct 15: I feel blessed to be surrounded by so many people who love me. thank you for all your energy and support. You are not the costumes you wear. you are not your fears. you are not your body. you are not what others thnk. relax. Remember. The DNA in your 100 trillion cells in your body, if stretched end to end, will wrap around planet Earth 5 million times….!! Oct 16: So many major things happening in DEC it is CRAZY! Once again feeling crazy inspired by this genius video. Ok… well um….. I….. just got to talk to Marko Rodin on the phone. wow.

Oct 17: My friend Johnny has some killer new tracks! loving them!!! Counterspark* rocks!
Oct 18:
If someone else upsets you, it’s because they are hitting an issue that you have. If someone does something, and it no longer is your issue, you won’t be upset by them. Light and Love. Listening to Worried About Satan genius! (soundtrack for @asthedust)
Oct 21:
Avoiding drowning in the sea of drives. #27 done, about 20 more! Now listening to Cheer (soundtrack for @asthedust) Alec’s work is genius!

Oct 22: Alex’s new film is out. Do your research. Find out what’s going on. Fall of the Republic. Another fascinating video. be fearless! Link. Oct 24: so sad… you have started a chain reaction that will be hard to stop. Hope everyone is well. Be smart. Be well. declaring a national emergency…. seriously?

Oct 26: I predict that enough people will be smart enough to study the truth about our history. and will be smart enough to avoid getting looped into the games that are playing on the stage right now… follow where the money has gone… Mercola. thank you. your information is much appreciated. be smart. do your research. All information is now available online. Ron Paul speaking about it. Shocking evidence about it being created and planned. Like the actual patents for the vaccine from the drug companies prior to the first report of the flu? Seems eerily similar to the Patriot Act being written before Sept 11… Seriously do some research. If you really are interested in knowing. start here 911

Oct 27: Ali rockin’ her US tour for her new album!!!!! Live video from Alabama!!! Seriously getting close… another few days of crazy confusing copies and back ups… then Day 1 of editing begins! I dare you to be you. Remember to treat each life experience as a gain, it will always benefit you better. I was talking to some of my plants today… They brought up some neat ideas I had not thought of in a while. Plants don’t need to understand english. They understand our emotions. Love plants! or for the short version of one of the key parts. So beautiful! the clusters of galaxies are so epic. Hubble’s universe.

Oct 29: ya so crazy excited!!!!!! I have been dealing with Hard drives now for WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t wait to edit! Oct 30: down to the last few Terabytes!!!!! on another note….. everyone ready for full disclosure? it’s coming soon! Oct 31: Check out Roger’s genius feature film Moonshine. So I was talking with someone yesterday. The chat ended up with us talking about the Pentagon. Then she mentioned something about a plane that hit the Pentagon… I gave her a curious look. Then asked her why she thought a plane had ever hit the Pentagon… she fumbled a bit… and I said “You should do some research.”



Nov 1: We are now in the month of November! I’ve never been more excited in my entire life. Nov 4: when we become young enough to understand, there will no longer be any questions. Nov 5: so… can someone please write a super neat script using some of the things on this wonderful list!!!! love it!!!! Or maybe a series of shorts!!! Here’s page 5. Nov 6: some of the greatest stars of my life: My mom, grandma, and aunt.

Nov 7: be careful with your smiles, they are contagious. I am interested in your success. I love the beat and the message of this Hip-Hop video by Matisyahu. Each of us assigns the meaning to things we focus on. what we focus on is what we feel. Wow. Genius video showing The Decade in 7 Minutes Been doing a lot of reading about my favorite author, Ayn Rand. Her ideas are really valid. Be selfish. Recently a bunch of videos have been placed on youtube. Some really great interviews. Dear timeline, I hear that you and I have a date. It makes me happy that I will see you soon. Hopefully we can get to know eachother well.

Nov 9: On Flickr, I recently hit 110,000 view counts on my stream! and someone bought me an extra year of Flickr Pro!!!! thank you!!! Nov 13: be careful who you listen to. Just because before, you may have believed the lies of certain people, doesn’t mean that you can’t do some research for yourself and learn what the truth really is. Be fearless, it’s magic. Nov 14: Sending love to those being killed by Baxter in Kiev. sadly I believe the ripple effect has started. I was just in Kiev a few years ago. beautiful place… Be fully aware with everything that is happening. Dec and January mark the beginning of many many plans. While you are at it, research Codex.

Nov 16: Do you believe everything people say? hm… I tend to do research and come to my own conclusions. What is sad, is how all this has been planned for years and years… It’s so weird how dumb it looks when they try to bury the truth about it. Nov 17: “He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither.” -Ben Franklin I am steering this ship. If it’s gonna crash, it will be my fault. Secret: “Be the bigger person… I enjoy every day… It’s the game I love… Massive appreciation!! Don’t listen! It’s all about Hunger! So many people are 99% of the way there.” -Gary Vaynerchuk. The video rocks!

Nov 18: All information is now available. yes. all of it. Be clear with your intentions. people are speaking. secrets are no longer secrets. things are gonna get crazy!… Fearless!!!! pass along the good news!!! thinking some awesome thoughts about some people!!!! aaaaah!!!!
Nov 21:
everyone ready???? fun times ahead! the Hadron Collider has restarted! Genius musician, Nils Frahm has signed with Erased Tapes!!!!
Nov 22: my home team, LA Galaxy didn’t win the MLS Cup.

Nov 23: So, the emails were leaked. Nothing new, the lies have been told for years and years. Instead of trying to figure out who will make more money, can we focus on some solutions now? I’m increasingly interested in nothing. The fullness and completeness of nothing… simple. clean. unattached. Nov 24: Each of us assigns the meaning to things we focus on. What we focus on is what we feel.

So, I’m almost on to bigger and better things, but all the organizing needs to be done first…


Back on October 9th I posted an update on my facebook wall. It stated:

“The list has countless things on it…… but this morning at around 3 am I became enlightened. It’s a feeling I have never had. and I feel that it will never go away. I will be finishing my current slate of actions and I will be moving on to another place and time.”


Being grateful. Light and Love, Mike

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