Short Film with Ruairi

Posted by mikehedge on September 25, 2009

Right after arriving back from Burning Man, I got to be part of a really great short film directed by Ruairi Robinson (Academy Award nominee in 2002). Ruairi has been a huge a inspiration of mine for many years. He has done many successful short films and commercials. I saw The Silent City, and I said, wow. genius!  So I was grateful and excited to be able to work with him. Macgregor flew in to be the cinematographer on the project, and Nathan Garofalos flew in to be the 2nd AC. I ended up being the 2nd AD and on set still photographer. I delt with everyone’s paper work and made sure everything on set was running smoothly. It was a fun-filled week with an awesome cast and crew!


Can’t wait to work with Ruairi again. One of the producers was Nick Ryan. He did an awesome film called A Lonely Sky and has also been one of my inspirations.


We shot on a few RED cameras, the main one with ELITE anamorphic lenses, and RED998 with some Canon lenses for some cut-aways.


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