Trailer for TOKYO

Posted by mikehedge on March 15, 2009

One of my inspirations, Michel Gondry has gone to Japan and collaborated with 2 other directors to create his film called Tokyo. The trailer looks awesome!


Posted by mikehedge on March 12, 2009

Link to URLLink to URL


Posted by mikehedge on March 2, 2009

UYUNI project is done! Thanks everyone for making the thread the second most viewed thread in the “Shot on Red” section in the history of the forum. Here is the first 2 minutes of the film: First two minutes of UYUNI from Macgregor on Vimeo. Here is a quick slideshow of production and post […]

January Editing

Posted by mikehedge on February 3, 2009

I did New Year’s eve at Roger’s house in CT, then did a quick trip down to NYC to Arin’s office to copy some master hard drives and to sync some files. Roger Ingraham was nice enough to let the As The Dust Settles team set up shop at Highland Terrace. It became my home […]

RED R3D Adobe CS4

Posted by mikehedge on January 15, 2009

Genius!!!! finally a great way to use the R3D files from the RED cameras inside Adobe Premiere!!! Here are all the new Adobe TV videos: Here’s a still from the RED footage we shot out at Burning Man: Here is the blog I normally post in November, it has many photos of my travels, […]

Christmas 2008

Posted by mikehedge on December 31, 2008

After finally returning to the US in December, I flew to Tennessee to spend Christmas with Jackie’s family. While there we got to visit and we also went to her sister’s wedding in Georgia. I also got to visit Ashleigh Prince and Aaron Nicholson, who I worked with on America’s Phoneless.

Erased Tapes

Posted by mikehedge on December 20, 2008

Once Macgregor and I landed in Madrid, we quickly repacked and flew to London to shoot some footage for a teaser for the Erased Tapes’ band, Codes In The Clouds. After being rained out for a day and shooting out at Camber Sands, Macgregor flew back to Madrid, and I got to hang with Erased […]


Posted by mikehedge on December 13, 2008
Shanghai, China

In November, Macgregor, Zac, Pedro, and I traveled from Madrid to Shanghai. While there, we hung out with Ryan from RED and explored the great city of Shanghai. A highlight for me was seeing the Pearl and experiencing a city with an unbelievable amount of people. We left Shanghai and flew to Bangkok, Thailand, switched […]

1127 2008

Posted by mikehedge on November 27, 2008

This is the annual 1127 email/blog I always post on November 27th, but due to the universe presenting non-stop opportunities, that took me all over the world, I have been unable to get the email out until now. Welcome to 1127 2008! Wow. Hope this year has been happy and successful for everyone. I have […]

Burning Man

Posted by mikehedge on October 1, 2008

I returned from Burning Man. Wow a crazy epic adventure. So many people. So many cameras with our crew. So much dust. I think it’s pretty neat that we picked the title “As The Dust Settles” before we headed out to the playa. I appreciate the people who gave up 2 weeks of their lives […]

As The Dust Settles

Posted by mikehedge on August 3, 2008

So. I’m finally back in LA after being gone for 4 months. In May I left for a crazy road trip with Arin and Susan I got back, repacked my bags, and left for a trip with my dad to Israel. I then flew from Tel-Aviv to New York to shoot Gabrielle and Nathan Reid’s […]

Go to Borders!

Posted by mikehedge on May 4, 2008

My good friends Mike Ambs and Amanda Walker went to a Borders. check out this video of what is feels like to support a great film. Post Production – Week 21 from mike ambs on Vimeo. Here’s a close up of the DVD. The DVD is on sale right now for $19.99 you get the […]

Get the Four Eyed Monsters DVD!!!!

Posted by mikehedge on April 30, 2008
Four Eyed Monsters DVD

Go to Borders. Get the DVD!!!!! It is awesome!!!!

Four Eyed Monsters Revolution

Posted by mikehedge on April 25, 2008

during the live chat after the IFC premiere… I captured this video via the highlight function on

Macgregor shoot

Posted by mikehedge on April 20, 2008

We were filming with RED998 and RED506 out in the desert in Utah. Thanks Dave for helping out, being our actor/stunt man in the bike short, and for shooting this crazy awesome BTS Death Valley, Nevada… from Dave Christenson on Vimeo.

RED 998 Unboxing Live

Posted by mikehedge on April 15, 2008

RED 998 Unboxing Live from NAB 2008 Las Vegas

From Here To Louder Than Words

Posted by mikehedge on April 1, 2008

Everyone please watch and favorite!!!!! add us on myspace too!!!

From Here To Phoneless !!!!

Posted by mikehedge on March 31, 2008

Everyone!!!! please go watch and favorite this video!!!!!!! I was the editor on this short film directed by Ted Prescott. It’s called America’s Phoneless Synopsis: The world is a cruel place for those without a cell phone. Meet Cliff, a quiet, unassuming man whose world is about to be turned upside down, all on account […]


Posted by mikehedge on March 23, 2008

aaaaaaaaaaaaa ok… does anyone know any girl who is 17-25 who lives in LA likes the outdoors is beautiful (flat chested, in shape, short hair, ) who is adventurous, likes to travel… does NOT wear heels all the time. does NOT carry a purse. does NOT smoke or drink who doesn’t wear make up? seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SXSW 2008

Posted by mikehedge on March 18, 2008

SXSW 2008 from mikehedge on Vimeo. Music by The Soul’s Release Here’s the flickr set:

FHTA video

Posted by mikehedge on February 21, 2008

* No submission Fees * Filmmakers actually make money * Filmmakers retain all their rights * Prize: Global Distribution For more info, visit From Here To Awesome


Posted by mikehedge on January 12, 2008

this is the result:

From Here To Awesome

Posted by mikehedge on January 4, 2008
A discovery and distribution festival

Have you made a film you think the world should see? FROM HERE TO AWESOME is a discovery and distribution festival that might be the perfect system to get your film blasted to audiences in theaters, living rooms, online and via mobile phones. All filmmakers are welcome to be a part of the festival. There […]

Vote for Dorian on Ideablob!

Posted by mikehedge on December 23, 2007
Vote for Dorian Ideablob

Repost from Dorian. Misnomer Dance: Developing Online Tools for the Arts Help us raise $10,000 without contributing a dime Vote for us on IdeaBlob today! (reg req’d) The internet has created new opportunities for artists who continually struggle to find funding. Help us create exciting ways for people to discover arts online! In addition […]

Voting Ron Paul?

Posted by mikehedge on December 20, 2007
republican party

If you are living in CA, and are not registered Republican, you need to change your political party to Republican before Jan 22. go here:

Grandma and me 20 years ago.

Posted by mikehedge on December 16, 2007


Posted by mikehedge on December 13, 2007

I really hate how difficult it is to not burn bridges. It would be so much easier to just get on with life.

Like Music?

Posted by mikehedge on December 12, 2007

Have fun. Here is the history of the tracks I have had playing on my myspace profile. Totally genius people creating genius music.

Neat posts by friends

Posted by mikehedge on December 11, 2007

Here’s one by Andrew Peterson: and one by Brian Chirls:

Nike Ad shot on RED

Posted by mikehedge on December 8, 2007

Runner – Nike Spec AdAdd to My Profile | More Videos