April-May Split

Posted by mikehedge on May 20, 2009

The last couple weeks of April and first couple weeks of May were kinda a blur. Things were fast. Here’s a recap.

April 15th, I went the DVD Party for the film The Art of Travel which Chris Masterson starred in. The film was directed by Thomas Whelan and produced by my filmmaking friend  Brian LaBelle.


Erased Tapes launched a great series called Found Songs, where Olafur Arnalds did one song per day for a whole week. All the songs were free and never before released! It was awesome!

On April 19th, my two best friends from high school, Kellyn and Nikki  got married. Wow. Happy for them. Wish them all the success in their marriage. Here’s the wedding set.


My friend Thomas Verrette premiered his film, I Am The Bluebird at the Atlanta Film Fest. I was super excited! Here’s his genius trailer:

I decided not to go to NAB in Vegas this year, but Mark Pederson from Off Hollywood was there. Crazy fun news from Vegas this year, although not like 2007 and 2008….

Isis and Titus were in LA with the band they were tour managing, The Whip from the UK!!! It was a blast seeing them and shooting for the band. Here’s my set from the two nights of shooting in LA.


Did Jury Service for a few days which sucked…. Then Alex’s new EP for his side project, Tonight’s The Night launched on itunes!

Drove to Orange County and dropped RED998 off at the RED HQ to get the audio board upgraded. I then went to the Evolver Los Angeles launch where Daniel Pinchbeck ran a gathering of minds. A few days later my friend Leah Meyerhoff cast the main actors for her film Unicorns. She was written up in Variety. congrats!


On April 30th I got to work with Logan Kugler for a few articles he was writing for some magazines. We got to hang out with Jay Leno at his Garage. It was neat. Look for my photos in Autoweek. Big shout out to my friend and fellow photography Brad Kugler for the opportunity.


In May, I launched a test project on the new site Kickstarter. Pretty neat! I Am The Bluebird won the audience award at the Sunscreen Film Fest. congrats! Here’s Brad Kugler’s recap video.

The all the new 16×9 widescreen Four Eyed Monsters episodes launched on youtube! The DVD is available in the US here.

RED998 was in a submarine in Fallen Leaf Lake up at Tahoe with Nathan Garofalos

May 10th was the LA premiere of the film I edited. America’s Phoneless, directed by Ted Prescott. It was part of the closing night of film at Mockfest 2009.


On that same day, Mike Ambs also started his journey east. He will be editing Project Pedal in Michigan for a while. Excited for new episodes of Pedal and the cut of the genius feature documentary film, For Thousands of Miles !!!!!!


I stumbled upon Live for Fame from Karen Abad. It’s a neat sharing site where you can share your best photo work and music work…. Nice work Michael Perry and Andrew Cornett!! Her’e s my profile there. I have a few of my favorite photos from flickr up.

I decided not to fly to the Cannes Film Fest this year…. my friend Scilla Andreen from Indieflix, Anita Ondine from TouchLight Media, and Jamie King (who did the film Steal This Film) were all there. Hopefully someday a project of mine will make it there.

May 18th was Caitlin Randolph’s and Viola’s birthdays! You guys rock!

Also check out my friend Roger’s film!!!!! The Age of Change


  1. Brad Kugler Said,

    Thanks for the shout out! Loved the shots with Jay and looking forward to the day our paths will again cross.

  2. Leah Said,

    Wow. You are almost as busy as I am. Awesome. Safe travels.

  3. Mike Ambs Said,

    Awesome update 🙂 I really liked the Bluebird trailer – I'm looking forward to watching that. Jay's garage is a lot of fun to run around – did he take you guys for a spin? Great pictures from Canter's, I'm really glad you were able to come bye before I took off. Hope things are going well on your end! Keep it up!

  4. Ian Grant Said,

    I've been wanting a spot for awhile now…I remember when they first got announced and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

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    […] a recap of April and May. The blog has a ton of photos. April 15th, I went to the DVD Party for the film The Art of Travel which Chris Masterson starred […]

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