Tesla Tech Conference 2010

Posted by mikehedge on August 15, 2010

I was not able to attend the Tesla Tech Conference last year, so I really wanted to go this year. The event being all the way in Albuquerque, NM was a bit far, but several days before the conference, I got a call from Marko Rodin about joining the team to document the week. I drove out to Marko’s house, met up with a few other people on the Rodin team, and we started our roadtrip out to Albuquerque!

Over on Sterling Allan’s great wiki site PESwiki.com, Michael Riversong has a great recap of the conference. There were many great presentations by many truly great inventors. Check it out here. And here is a bunch of photos I shot.

It was a really adventurous week. Lots of information and video will be released soon, as well as several groundbreaking inventions. It was truly an honor getting to meet/see people like John Searl, Paul Pantone, Bob Boyce, Clayton Nolte, Jeff Cook, and all the great people on the Rodin team including: Randy Powell, Jamie Buturff, Jack Scholze, Tyler Thurmond, Gregor Arturo, Fried Khan, BJ White, and Peter Van Bakel

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Alien Scientist did a quick recap of the event:

A portion of Jamie Buturff’s presentation:

Part of John Searl’s presentation:

Recently Randy Powell did this great TED talk at TEDxCharlotte

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