December/January Split 2011

Posted by mikehedge on January 20, 2011


December and January were intense months. When reality is ripping apart your understanding or how you think things are, you hold on. You try to preserve the understanding you have.

The restructuring of a huge project I’m working on was tough. My solution was and still is: patience. If Karma is listening, I hope she gives me an A, just for keepin’ with it. Here’s a twitter from December:

This clean up and recovery process is taking a long time. I’m being patient.
3:01 PM Dec 17th, 2010 via web

For me, friendships are a core part of my life. I depend on them, I give them my all. So restructuring friendships, is not a normal activity for me, but had to be done. So I cried. I complained. I struggled. Ultimately I did what I felt was best. So now I’m on to a new year with out the awful mess of many toxic friendships. Feels good. I have had the opportunity to make lots of new friends in the last couple years… Here’s some of my twitter posts that summed up what I went through:

I trusted people who I thought were friends. Unraveling this nightmare is overwhelming. Keeping my chin up.
11:18 PM Jan 7th via web

somehow I had friendship and fanship mixed up a bit. still sorting it out. not interested in being taken advantage of again.
10:51 PM Jan 10th via web

I gave the majority of my friendships my all. I got burned out. the majority of my friendships weren’t friendships. creating a new strategy.
12:04 AM Jan 11th via web

My life is my party, who i invite is my choice.
Mon Jan 17 2011 11:12:20 via txt


PS…  Our short film UYUNI won another few film festivals! and a jury award! It’s pretty exciting when we get into another festival or win another award. UYUNI has now been in over 50 film festivals.

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