Sundance/Slamdance 2011

Posted by mikehedge on February 10, 2011

On my way out to Park City this year, I got to meet up with Marsha and Rick, which was great =) Always great seeing them again… I also got to meet up with Sterling Allan and his beautriful family for some jumpshots!!!

I made it to Park City just in time for the Slamdance/Sundance sled-off and the filmmaker hot tub summit. Always a blast!

IMG_2252Cheri and Sterling Allan's family jumpshotSundance 2011Elaine and Zeke Zelker, Main Street Park City, UT - Sundance 2011IMG_2854Slamdance sled-offSlamdance Sled-off 2011!!!IMG_3078Hot Tub Summit! 2011IMG_3341

Sundance 2011 was crazy! I shot a ton of photos, and met up with a ton of people. I also got to work on a great transmedia project called Pandemic 1.0 with Lance Weiler, Zeke Zelker, Josh Cramer, Janine Saunders, Zak Forsman, Alison Weber and others. Here’s the WIRED post and the Filmmaker Magazine post and the Tribeca post about the project.

I met up with a ton of other filmmakers, a few ATDS advisors, and several friends including Cindy Baer and Lucy Walker (who had her film Waste Land nominated for an Oscar =)

Here’s a twitter from me from Sundance:

Great seeing everyone! @moredillon @zekezelker @saskiawb @DanMirvish @gogoslava @shericandler @Jon_Reiss @paulrachman @AdrianBelic

7:38 PM Jan 23rd via web

IMG_3421IMG_3718IMG_3460IMG_3474Lance Weiler at the Pandemic HQIMG_3648my friend and Director Lucy WalkerIMG_4211

I saw some truly amazing films at Sundance this year:

Like Crazy

Which was a great story about a long distance relationship. Very moving and something I have dealt with myself. Like Crazy won the Grand Jury Prize !

Another Earth

Was a great drama with a great sci-fi aspect about another planet that was an exact mirror of ours. Brit Marling was awesome. Another Earth won the Special Jury Prize

Life In a Day

Was an awesome collage film with thousands and thousands of clips sent in from people around the world, all shot on the same day. Earth is truly an amazing place.


Was a great documentary about how everything we do, is connected. Tiffany Shlain did a great job.

Sound of My Voice

This film, also starred Brit Marling. It was a great film about a small group who had knowledge from the future. Loved the ending. Really made me think.

IMG_2713IMG_4307IMG_5341IMG_4917found Ash in SLC. =)IMG_5540

All of my Sundance photos are here: link

On the way back to LA, I got to do some jumpshots with some great friends including Rick, Ashley, and TJ Nelson.

Hope Sundance 2012 will rock!

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