Dan Gaud’s short film shoot Quebec

Posted by mikehedge on August 10, 2011

In August I finally headed out of the US, on my way back west. I decided to drive via Quebec where my friends Ayz and Judd were producing a short film that our friend Dan Gaud was directing. I was able to help out immensely and while there shot some great behind the scenes photos. It was great getting to work again with the great DP Kevin Rasmussen, looking forward to the short!

Like the FB for the film and follow along as Dan posts updates.

IMG_9526IMG_9392IMG_9370IMG_0294IMG_0505Steadi Cam Op - Jeff MelansonIMG_0712IMG_0659IMG_1052IMG_1341IMG_1312jumpshotIMG_1223IMG_1436IMG_1471

  1. Danielle Said,

    Nice gang! Nice job. je vous dit un gros MERDE pour la suite et la réalisation de ce projet.

  2. Lise Gaudreau Said,

    Hello Mike, Thank you for your talent to give us great images. Memorable for me….Dan's mother from Magog city.

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