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2010 has been interesting. It has definitely been a transition year. Completing one chapter of my life and trying to start a new one, wrapping up projects, acknowledging that old friendships are over, associating with new people who are honest, as well as lots of travel, lots of shooting, lots of film festivals, and lots and lots of patience.


Attempting to summarize my year is difficult because I filled my year up with so many great adventures, each which deserves a mention. Here’s a few highlights:

January, I went out to Park City for Slamdance and Sundance. I met up with a bunch of great filmmakers and saw a bunch of great films. February, I ran a hugely successful crowdfunding effort for a great scifi short film, SIMILO. March I was out in Austin for the SXSW festival. While there, I saw many great documentaries and met up with many people. The rest of March and April I did a huge epic roadtrip through 27 states for my Jumping Book Tour. April/May I ran several pick-up shoots for an epic scifi project called KORE. May, I got to shoot some beautiful RED MX footage at Lightning in a Bottle. June, I was shooting in Toronto. July, I was part of the great Marko Rodin team out at the Tesla Tech conference in New Mexico. August/September I was shooting RED MX on a friend’s documentary project out at Burning Man 2010. September/October, I was in Toronto for the Toronto Film Fest and for a shoot, then out in Detroit shooting with my friend Ruairi. November, our short film, UYUNI got into a bunch more film festivals (now over 50 film festivals) and earned several more awards, and Ruairi’s teaser for BLINKY was released online! Progress continues to happen on getting my documentary As The Dust Settles finished. I never predicted the amount of patience I would need to get it finished, but I have several collaborators back on board, and together we will get the doc complete =)

IMG_5657IMG_6016How do you shoot a movie?IMG_2130The City From AboveIMG_8263

I am super grateful for all the support, and all the people who continue to inspire me. I have high hopes for 2011, as several of my projects are nearly finished. Truly grateful for my parents’ continued support of my passions and dreams.

PS I now have a world record for my jumping photos and am making a book! If anyone else will be out at SXSW 2011 in Austin, let me know.

IMG_1303IMG_9911Paul Cormack jumpshot in TorontoHalcyon jumpshot @ Pink Heart Camp - Burning Man 2010IMG_2616Nashville jumpshot!!!!

For the past few years, I have wanted to make a picturevideo of my whole year, for this year’s 1127 blog, I decided to do it! These are only the best photos that mostly were published to my flickr throughout the year. Music by my great friends: Counterspark, Rhian Sheehan, and East Forest. Please let it load, watch it in HD and fullscreen. Cheers! Here’s the super epic picturevideo called Every Day is Spectacular: the 2010 Mike Hedge picturevideo.

I have decided to include all my blogs from this past year in one post. Anyways, for anyone interested in what I’ve been up to for the past year, here it is:

Here are the direct links to my blogs throughout the year:

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December/January Split

December was an intense month. Remembering that every problem is actually an opportunity, I was gifted several great opportunities for ATDS. The ATDS soundtrack project continues to be created. So many great bands!

Dec 11th I got to go to the annual Warren Miller screening! It was great seeing another film. Loved it. On Dec14th, I got to screen a bunch of my recent projects at the LA Film School screening. it was great.


Dec 15th marked one of the greatest moments in the entire history of man! Well done Sean and the Steorn team!!! They went live with their Orbo technology, and have the technology on display in Ireland. www.steorn.com

I got to celebrate xmas with some close family friends.


January 1st, I got to go to the Rose Parade!!!! My brother Andy, once again did the design work for the Cal Poly float. It’s always a fun way to start the New Year!!! Here’s my photo set. They won two awards for their float!


Jan 2nd, I saw Avatar. I posted a twitter that said “I see you.” I really loved the film. Jan 9th I got to go bowling for a friends birthday party. I did get a couple of strikes, but mostly tried to capture the perfect bowling moment. Our film UYUNI had it’s Chile premiere on Jan 10th. I didn’t get to go, but it’s always exciting when it gets into another film festival.


Jan 12th I went to the Slamdance dinner where I got to hang out with @jon_reiss @shericandler@thatchrisgore @michaeldlynch and Dan Mirvich. We talked about the upcoming film fest and films.


Jan 17th my friend @austinchu had his film premiere on for his documentary The Recess Ends. It was awesome seeing the film. The DVD is now available on his site: www.therecessends.com/


Sundance/Slamdance 2010

Back from Sundance 2010! It was a truly amazing experience.

This year, I decided last minute to drive out to Park City for Slamdance and Sundance. The drive out was a pretty rough experience. At times it was 10mph through thick snow storms. I ended up making it without driving off the road and without needing to put on my chains!


I made it just in time for the Filmmaker Summit that was being put on by Slamdance, Saskia Wilson-Brown, and Lance Weiler’s Workbook Project. It was great being part of the Summit. Bomb It director, Jon Reiss was there doing a special workshop for Hunter Weeks and Mike Dion’smountain bike adventure documentary Ride the Divide.


Every year Dan Mirvish and the other Slamdance people challenge Sundance to a sledding competition. It’s always fun to join in. The group out on the slopes this year was great!


After the sledding, Slamdance hosts a hottub discussion about indie film. Some really great conversations this year. Filmmaking stories and distribution stories are always great to listen to and learn from when they are being told by people with some incredible expereinces like American Hardcore director, Paul Rachman.


I got to attend the huge Indieflix/IndieGoGo party, which was way fun. So many great people there including Burden director Mike Lynch, Scilla from Indieflix, Slava and Danae from IindieGoGo, Lance Weiler, and Zak Forsman and the whole Sabi team!


Since both Lauren Randolph and I (the two greatest jumposhot photographers ever) were both up in Park City at the same time, our flickr friend, Rick decided to make the drive up from Salt Lake and join us for some jumpshots! it was such a huge blast! Rick rocks! Rick has given me a run for the number one jumpshot phtographer in the world status, I better keep shooting!!!

Is it Sundance yet?IMG_8187

I got to see many films while in Park City. Some I had tickets for, some I had to hike for hours in the snow to get to the wait list in time to get a ticket, and one film changed my life. Here are some of the films I saw:

Lucky, a documentary about people winning the lottery.

A great documentary called Teenage Paparazzo which follows 13-year old paparazzi named Austin Visschedyk made by Adrian Grenier

Runaways which is about the 1970?s rock and Joan Jett starring Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart.

Grown Up Movie Star, which is about two young teenagers growing up, shot in Canada.

I really wanted to see Katie Aselton’s film The Freebie. I had heard great things about the film, so made sure I had tickets. The film is great! Loved it! A truly great example of an indie film, great story telling, great look, very small budget. Passion project.

Cane Toads 3D!!!! A great documentary about one of Australia’s greatest environmental problems; cane toads.

Gasland Josh Fox’s very important documentary about the hydraulic drilling process called “fracking” check out the trailer

Countdown to Zero a doc about the world’s near nuclear disasters.


and last but lot least,

my most favorite documentary film I have ever seen:

Lucy Walker’s Waste Land

The main experience I had at Sundance (which was worth the entire cost and time of going) was the film Waste Land. It was directed by a women named Lucy Walker, and it followed a NY artist photographer named Vik Muniz, to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as he did an art project in the world’s largest landfill/garbage dump. The story follows him as he takes photos of some of the people living in the garbage dump. These characters become the main focus of the doc, we learn about who these people are, what their backgrounds are and what they feel about life and about their work.

Vik ends up shooting some portraits of these people. He then brings in a ton of garbage into an art studio, and arranged the garbage as if it was pixels of the photo. He ends up shooting photos of the garbage looking straight down on it from 50 feet up. He takes these photos and makes giant 60 inch prints from them. He then takes some of the people from the garbage dump and heads to a super famous art auction in UK and NY. These prints of garbage end up selling for tens and tens and tens of thousands of dollars. We see the main people crying and transforming, as they realize that their garbage is actually art. Worth a lot of money. They basically have life-changing experiences as they tour world famous museums with the prints, and are doing interviews for major press and media. The money goes back to them and the landfill association. The film ends with a beautiful epilogue telling us what has happened to each of the main characters.

Waste Land is an incredibly powerful doc, it touches people, it makes people cry and it makes people think. It’s not the trash or the money, it’s the emotional experience that the people go through as they transform into a whole new reality about their lives. This is exactly what ATDS has, and is the higher level stuff I talk about in my internal ATDS blog posts.

While watching the film I cried many times. Truly beautiful crying. One because of how the story developed and two because the main message of the doc, is identical to the main message I plan on reaching by the end of ATDS.


Here is the trailer for Waste Land:

I was lucky enough to be able to join up with Matt Scott and several of his friends. We all stayed together in a condo, saw movies together all week, hung out photowalking, it was really nice getting to know weveryone and I truly enjoyed the adventure, thanks guys!

Here’s a twitter to recap the good times:

Thx for the good times @laurenlemon @dzevans @ddarcyana @mattscott711 @nattie27 You guys made my week super awesome! http://flic.kr/p/7yGzMW 4:08 PM Jan 28th 2010 via web


While in Park City, I got to meetup with several As The Dust Settles Board of Advisors, including Jeffrey Abramson and Scilla Andreen. Many ideas were shared. I also had great conversations with Chris Paine and with Adrian Belic, about Burning Man and ATDS.

Here’s a twitter that summed up the Sundance part of my trip:

Fun times at @sundancefest @slamdance jumping, photos, parties, films, crying, ideas, people, sledding, parties, long walks in snow, so fun.
5:53 PM Jan 26th 2010 via web


The drive back from Sundance took me through Reno with Lauren. We stopped off at the Bonneville Salt Flats. (same place that I shot UYUNI.)


Lauren was part of a Reno art show where she got to display some of her great photo work. At the show, I got to see @caitran @dirtydiana @audreyobscura as well as some other neat Reno Burners


I stopped by Tahoe for a great day of skiing at Heavenly with Nathan then headed to the SF area to go photowalking with fellow photographer and inspiration of mine Jill Carmel. I then headed over to meet up for dinner with Primal Quest friend and fellow adventurer, Aja Cook


and that is the end of this adventure =)



Right after I returned from the epic Park City trip, I launched a huge crowdfunding fundraiser to get the final VFX shots finished for Zac&Mac’s genius shortfilm SIMILO.

It was a huge effort. Together with the large indie film community, all the fans of the original short,and a bunch of my closest friends and connections, I managed to raise over $14,000 for the project. It was truly a great experience. I almost wish I was fundraising every month. It’s exciting to gain support of like-minded people. It’s exciting to post updates on the progress, it’s exciting every time someone donates, even if it’s only a dollar. And yes it’s very exciting during the final few minutes before the cut-off time. These funds have allowed Zac&Mac and I to continue getting the VFX done on SIMILO. During the fundraiser we were mentioned on all sorts of blogs, and even highlighted by Kickstarter.

Here’s a few mentions: Fresh DV, No Fat Clips, Colorcubic, and an interview on IndyMogul. During all the buzz regarding the SIMILO fundraiser, we also hit the front page of both Slashfilm andTwitchfilm as well as Filmonic regarding our epic sci-fi feature project KOR3. So that was exciting! Our other short, UYUNI played it’s eighteenth film festival during February as well.

kickstarter SIMILOslashfilm kor3colorcubicfreshDV

February 12-14th I got to attend this year’s BIL Conference! It was great meeting up with various friends, several ATDS Board of Advisors, and several people who are working on innovative projects or ideas. Here’s a bunch of photos from the event.

BIL logo


In February, it was the first Cinefist event screening. Zak Forsman and the team at Sabi Pictureshave created a great quarterly screening series at the Downtown Indie theatre. They screened Tom Quinn’s film The New Year Parade, which is now out on DVD on Ashley’s Carnavalesque Films label. The screening was great. Before the film was played, the entire audience got to vote for the film that would play in the next quarterly screening.  photos link


February 13th I got to go inside the brand new RED Studios Hollywood. Jim and his team have set up an incredibly impressive grading suite with the latest and greatset SONY 4K projectors and real time 4K playback systems. We all got to hang out with the RED team and learn about the new EPIC camera, and watch some of the new RED MX footage from the new RED MX sensors that RED is now installing into the RED ONEs. Always fun getting to play with the RED team, and various fellow RED owners.  Twitter recap:

Was @ @bilconf #bil10 now @ new RED Studios Hollywood w/ 200 other owners. Jim, Cioni, Kelly, Rob, @Gnattress, Lukas & everyone is here#R3D


Through my friend Frank Da Silva I got to work with Jacqueline Genie for her project onPositivetv.tv at the Consciousness Life Expo. While there, I got to shoot interviews with some great people including; John Hogue and Mike Bara. I also got to meet Richard C. Hoagland, David Wilcock, as well as Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot. It was an incredible event, and I learned some pretty amazing things, much of which you can learn if you read David Wilcock’s blog. Fun times ahead! Here’s my twitter recap:

Filming w/ friend here @ Consciousness Life Expo. Just met Howe, Hogue, Brinkley, Maxwell, Sitchin, @mikebara33, Hoagland, & @david_wilcock


On Feb 15th, LA Film School got to host a WGA meeting of the Oscar nominations for screenwriting, and I got to shoot the event. Amongst those nominated was Jason Reitman. Always fun being at my school and seeing fellow alumni and Media Center Manager, Iris again. Here’s theLAFS blog about it.


In late February, after many months of shenanigans, one of my awesome ATDS collaborators,Jamie Dee flew out to LA to help with the massive ATDS todo list. It was great finally getting things going with the various post production things for the film. She also inspired several of the other ATDS collaborators to have a few conference calls and a couple skype video chats. Communication is vital on a project of this scope, especially with various collaborators being based in various cities all over the US and world.

IMG_2296First Jump =)

For the soundtrack for As The Dust Settles, I’m working with so many great bands. I was very excited to get Alex Rich’s new The Soul’s Release album out on Dynophone Records, as well as David’s new Relmic Statute album out on Hibernate Records.


On Feb 28th, I was issued my World Record on the Universal Record Database for my jumping photos. I am the number one jumpshot photographer in the entire world. It’s official now!

urdb record

Other exciting news for February included the acceptance into the Cleveland International Film Festival!!! Here’s my twitter about it:

We got into @CIFFhttp://www.UYUNI.eu Anyone in Cleveland, OH on Mar 27th? We play in Columbia next week! then Iceland first week of March!


I decided very last minute to head to Austin, Texas for SXSW, because a couple friends were premiering their films there. I also wanted to visit with my grandma and family in Texas after the festival. I decided to make a huge roadtrip out of it, and I actually headed out to the east coast afterward. I wrote a huge blog about the whole trip here:  March/April/Jumping Book Tour

Once in Austin, I had a great adventure with my Austin friends around Hamilton Pool. It was great seeing everyone! I then headed into the Austin Convention Center and got my SXSW Gold badge. This badge allowed me to see any of the films as well as attend any of the interactive events and seminars.


While at SXSW I saw many great documentaries:

I was at the premiere of Jeff’s film 11/4/08 which was made from a ton of footage shot on that day (Election Day) it was shot by 15 people, and Jeff edited it all together. It has some super low-resolution footage, bad sound, and bad camera work. But what was great to see, was that the story of that day in history, and the stories of the people, were able to still get across to the audience. They had subtitles when the audio was bad. So it proves the “content is king” or the “story story story” idea. If the story is compelling enough, then the audience is still involved. Jeff calls it a participatory documentary, and is letting people add their own footage from that day. I believe Jeff plans on making the film available for remix, like how Brett’s film did. The film is now released in theatres! http://11-4-08.com/

A great film called Pelada was one of my favorites. It’s shot all over the world and follows the game of soccer. They shot the film over 3 years. I cried. Genius film. I got to hang out with the filmmakers.  http://www.pelada-movie.com

I saw Dirty Pictures which is a film about the chemist/scientist Dr. Alexander ‘Sasha’ Shulgin who invented MDMA (Ecstasy.) It was a very well-edited film, and very interesting. They showed both the science/lab research, a bunch of stuff about his actual life, and also the people that use the drug, and why/how. They had a couple shots of Burning Man in it, but focused on the people who are fans of the scientist’s work, and books, and drug. The film was sold out. http://dirtypicturesthefilm.com/

I got to see Hood to Coast, which was shot in Oregon in 2008. They had a pretty nice budget, and the film followed 4 teams competing in the race. It was great to watch and I loved the various filmmaking styles. They continually cut between the 4 teams. Since it was a race, you always had that feeling like the finish line was just ahead. The film was entertaining and inspiring to watch. http://www.hoodtocoastdocumentary.com/


I also got to see Gondry’s film, The Thorn in the Heart. It was a great personal doc about Gondry’s family. He followed his aunt, and got to find out about her family, who she was, and also a bit of who Gondry was growing up. The film has a few great animations and reenactments. Here’s the trailer.

I got to attend a great panel with Scott Kirsner and Gary Hustwit (documentary director of great films like Helvetica, and Objectified.) I loved the discussion, and the various ideas and tips that Gary shared about making documentary films. I also got to see Gary Vaynerchuk speak as the keynote speaker for the interactive part of SXSW. Always great to see him speak. Inspiring guy.

I met up with several of the great people on the Burning Man media team. Marian Goodell was part of a neat discussion about the similarities between SXSW and Burning Man. She was interviewed by Daniel Terdiman from CNET. It was great seeing her, Heather Gallagher, and Andie Grace. Proud to be working with them for my documentary As The Dust Settles.

I saw a bunch of short films including a film which premiered at SXSW called Depth of Phil, which was directed by my friend Jack Daniel Stanley (one of the actors in UYUNI) It’s always fun to see short films. An amazing amount of time and money goes into making them.


SXSW this year I got to meet up with a bunch of friends including: Micki Krimmel, Brian Chirls, Brian Shaler, Slava and Danae from IndieGoGo, Paul Stamatiou, Liz and Scott from Evil Twin Booking, and many many others. Great seeing everyone!


At SXSW, part of the week is focused on music. Many bands from all over the world come to Austin to perform as part of the SXSW lineup. Every night there are also many venues with live bands playing. I got to see Todd Sapio perform with his band Language Room. I also got to see the lovely Jenny Owen Youngs, as well as the lovely Matt and Anna-Lynne from Trespassers William. It was so great seeing them perform.


During the week, I also met up with a bunch of film festival programmers, including ones from Sundance, SilverDocs, and True/False. I talked with a couple about other documentary fests like CPH Dox, HotDocs, Sheffield, IFDA and several others. I also met up with several Board of Advisors for ATDS. It was great talking about ideas and the progress of the documentary. After watching all the documentaries at Sundance and SXSW, I am still certain that we really do have something that will truly inspire people. Deeply grateful for the privilege that we have to craft a documentary. Exciting times ahead!

Here’s my whole flickr set from SXSW including a bunch of jumpshots I did for my Jumping Book. Here’s an average evening in Austin at SXSW:

6th street at SXSW 2010

March/April/Jumping Book Tour

This adventure I’m on never seems to die down. Couldn’t be more grateful. A short film I produced named UYUNI played a few more film festivals in places like Columbia and Iceland (totally wish I could have gone!) My friend Nirvan got his awesome new website for The 1 Second Film launched! My friend Ondi launched her new documentary We Live in Public, which is now on DVD! And I got a nod on Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools blog ! PS, Kevin has his new book out now! My friends Rich and John from The American Dollar released another genius album! “Atlas” http://theamericandollar.info/

Sometimes life feels like what I’m doing while I am living, but a lot of the time, life is what happens while I’m making plans. The idea is from a John Lennon quote. For me, I very rarely get to see the people that are the most important in my life. I live at such a fast pace some years, that an entire year goes by without the proper communication or hugs with the people that inspire me that most. As my main mission here is to inspire others, I don’t often spend the time I should finding people or things that inspire me. I am infinitely grateful for those people who inspire me. You truly make my life more fulfilling. I got to briefly see Alison and Bryn in March. Two people I love dearly.


For the month of March, I knew I was gonna be out in Austin for this year’s South By Southwest (SXSW) and I also knew that I wanted to attend the US premiere of UYUNI at the Cleveland International Film Festival, and I knew I wanted to visit some friends in Toronto. I also knew that it was time for my Jumping Book to get made. So I crafted a super fantastic Jumping Book Tour!!!!

I set up a new website for the book at www.jumpingbook.com, created a flickr group for people to add their own jumpshots to the collage in the back of the book, a facebook fanpage for the book so I could keep people up to date with the project, and launched a fundraiser on IndieGoGo. I quickly created a video for the project and jumped in my car.


I sent out a quick announcement that went something like this:

In order to make this book happen, I will be traveling all over America to get some of the remaining needed photos for the book. If you would like to help with getting the book made check out: www.jumpingbook.com

Here’s the video:

In order to really do justice to my epic Jumping Book tour, I really need to get some of the great photos and videos I shot edited together. I hopefully will be able to do that at some point, but for now a quick blog recap of the journey will have to do. Here’s a taste of my epic journey:

MH march trip

The epic roadtrip led me first to Phoenix to do some jumpshots with Clintus, and the guys at Gangplank. Then I headed to Austin where I met up with my friend Rachel and her Austin friends and went hiking around Hamilton Pool which was so super awesome.

@clintus jumpshot!IMG_0528IMG_0816Hamilton Pool jumpshot!!!

I then headed to SXSW!!! I have written a whole blog about it here.   SXSW blog

After the crazy awesome week at SXSW, including some great jumpshots with Brian Shaler!!! and meeting up with Matt Brown and Anna-Lynne Williams of Trespassers William, I headed south and met up with Sara Janssen and her awesome family, then down to Houston to visit with my grandma and family there. It was great seeing them! We went to the Houston Rodeo at Reliant Stadium and saw the Eli Young Band.

Shaler Jump!!!!IMG_2127happy janssen!!!!IMG_2641IMG_3018IMG_2842

Leaving Texas, I stopped by for a quick jumpshot with April from Rocket Science Shorts, then up through Arkansas, where I got to visit with my friends Tona and Landon and their beautiful daughter Daisy! Then on to Nashville for a few days with Ashleigh and the Nashville friends. Then on to Indiana to meet up with Erin and her lovely family. Then I met up with my grandma’s brother, who is also a photographer. So we out for a day of shooting. Then I met up with fellow inventor Jeff Cook.

IMG_3501IMG_3619Daisy!!!! =)Nashville jumpshot!!!!IMG_3956IMG_4248IMG_4606IMG_4759

Then after a long 20 hour drive, I finally made it to Cleveland for the US premiere of the short I produced called UYUNI at the Cleveland International Film Fest! At the last minute I saved the day, and with the awesome staff of CIFF, I got the film to play correctly. It was super awesome to see the film with an audience. Got some great feedback (all compliments =) Then I headed to Toronto, and stopped along the way at Niagara for a jumpshot with Eric! While in Toronto, I hung out with Ayz and his family, met up with Gayle, met up with Kyron, and also met up with the Mugglesam family! Sam made a super nice video of the visit =)

IMG_4832Niagara Jumpshot!!!IMG_5658IMG_5394Kyron jumpshot!Sophia jumpshot!

I left Toronto, sad to be leaving so many awesome people.  On my way to NYC, I stopped for lunch with Delaine Dacko, the lovely sister of Ryan Dacko, the team behind the documentary Plan 9 From Syracuse (which I helped shoot the final day of.)

I finally made it to CT to shoot some jumpshots with Hannah and Nathan (the two younger siblings of ATDS collaborator Jamie Dee) I then spent a few days meeting with a bunch of the ATDS team.


Then I headed down to New York City, stopping by to visit more family on the way. I made it to NYC just in time for the NYC gallery opening of Philippe Halsman’s JUMP book. I even got to do my own jumpshot surrounded by Halsman’s jumpshots on the walls of the gallery. I also got to meet Philippe’s daughter Irene Halsman, which was a complete honor.  While in NYC, I met for dinner with my old uncle Tar, then I got to meet up with my friend and fellow youtuber Caitlin Hill, met up with my friend Erik Paulsen (who did some music for the original SIMILO,) and did an awesome tour of WABC, met up with a few of the NY based ATDS collaborators, Tarynn, Clay, and Katheryn, and I also got to spend a couple days with my Italian family, Simona, Max, and Viola.

IMG_6560Philippe Halsman's JUMP book gallery opening! shooting jumpshots for my @jumpingbook!IMG_6654IMG_6787

I then headed to DIY DAYS where I met up with various people in new media. Ted Hope gave the keynote introduction. There were many great speakers talking about social media, and storytelling etc. I tried to twitter “@” a bunch of the people I met up with that day: … Now at @diydays #diydays w/ @tedhope @lanceweiler @bnewman01@getstoried @1basil1 @noahharlan fun day! #diydays many friends: @bchirls @karlj @girlgamy @anitaondine @paulrachman @saskiawb @GoGoSlava & @fhta alumni!: @zekezelker @zaffi. While there, I met up with several ATDS Board of Advisors as well. I also got to meet up with my friend Hannah Bailey (who was in the awesome documentary American Teen) to do a jumpshot!

IMG_7490IMG_7701IMG_7813Hannah + Efraim jumpshot!!!

On April 5th, I posted this twitter:

My 93 Honda Accord just crossed the 200,000 mile mark! bam! http://flic.kr/p/7QYZzT

After leaving NY, I was on a pretty crazy schedule trying to make it all the way back to LA to shoot a wedding, but I had a few people to visit along the way =) First stop was in Illinois to visit fellow photographer Ben Geyer and his awesome family. Then I headed to Chicago to meet up with friends Tiff Tate and Wendy Alas. Then on my way to Minnesota, I got to shoot jumpshots with Ashley, Leslie, and then Ross Heintzkill.

The jumpshot!!!IMG_8519IMG_8793IMG_8871IMG_9159IMG_9249IMG_9236IMG_9331

After a bizarrely long drive, I finally made it to Minneapolis, Minnesota!!!! Michelle and Jeremiah have been friends of mine for many years, but I rarely find myself in Minnesota, so it was so great seeing them. I then headed south to Sioux Falls, SD to meet up with Angela and her awesome Electric Pulp team. It was a blast shooting with them. We even got ice cream =) Angela and Stefan have a new iphone/ipad ap out now as well.

two of my favorite people!IMG_9525IMG_9547IMG_9727IMG_9695Electric Pulp jumpshot!!!!

I then traveled through Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada, visiting my friend Jess, my friends and inspirations Trevor and Austin, two of the guys from from Mammoth Media, my friend Sascha, more family, fellow jumpshot photographer Rick Smith, and friend Kacey Cash, before making it back to LA for Krissie and Mike Lynch’s wedding.

IMG_9824IMG_9882IMG_9894IMG_0193IMG_0067IMG_0430Salina, UT jumpshot!IMG_0590IMG_1336IMG_1074

The final jumpshot of the tour I shot at Mike Lynch’s wedding!!!


So after about 35 days on the road, I met up with hundreds and hundreds of people along my tour. I shot 11,700 photos total, and a bunch of video. I have posted 2400 photos here.

April May June Recap

After many many weeks on the road for my epic Jumping Book tour, I returned to LA and continued rockin’ life. I met up with Peggy and Ondi Timoner at a great IDA Mixer. Always great seeing them. I saw Andrew Strugnell as he passed through Los Angeles on his whirlwind world travels. I met up with Rob Simonsen (who did the score on Mike Lynch’s BURDEN) to do a great jumpshot in Hollywood for my Jumping Book. I posted a few updates on our fundraiser for SIMILO. Our shortfilm UYUNI got into another dozen or so film festivals, including several in Spain and one more in France. We also got a special jury mention for the film at the Certamen de Cortos Universidad de Cantabria y Ciudad de Santander (shorts competition) and won a Platinum REMI Award at WorldFest – Houston International.


In late April we threw together a pick up day shoot for KOR3. It was great seeing it all come together. I had a blast working with the new RED Prime lenses, and several of my good friends Macgregor, Nathan Garofalos, Stephen Sullivan, Kevin Dorian, Luis Labrador, Ruairi Robinson, and Nathan Reid, (lead actor in my film Room 27) etc. The footage looks magic.


I was lucky enough to be in the LA area for the Newport Beach Film Festival, where Hunter Weeks and Mike Dion’s new documentary, Ride The Divide was having it’s Southern California premiere. It was great meeting up with Mike and a few of the cast from the film. I also got see Zaq (who joined Mike, Hunter, and I on the epic 50 States in 14 Days trip) and Jessica and Rima which was great.


At the very last minute IndieGoGo invited me to join them on May 3rd, to do a quick pitch at the 2010 Digital Hollywood Content Summit for As The Dust Settles. I was joined by fellow ATDS collaborators Lauren Randolph and Matt Scott. Panelists included: Danae Ringelmann Co-Founder, IndieGoGo, Moderator Angela Shelton, Director, Searching For Angela Shelton, Adam Chapnick, Vice-President IDA, Distribber, and Steve Reich, Writer, PBS Nova. Everyone there loved the project, and several of the panelists had some great feedback about our pitch. There were some fellow Burners in the audience who had some great ideas for the project as well. I also had a great discussion with fellow documentary filmmaker, Adrian Belic about As The Dust Settles.


In addition to the feature length documentary As The Dust Settles, I am also making a great soundtrack for the film, as well as a collaborative photobook. I am working with some truly accomplished photographers including Scott London, John Curley, Tomas Loewy, Tristan Savatier, Lauren Randolph, and Ryan Jesena, it was great meeting up with some of them and discussing plans for the photobook. We even did a jumpshot =)


I attended the Cinefist screening where Gary King’s film What’s Up Lovely screened. It was a great evening that included a neat discussion about crowdfunding with Gregory Bayne as well. I had a really special Mother’s Day, where my whole family went out for a hike to the Bridge to Nowhere (it’s been on the list of hikes to do for many many years.)


Towards the end of June, as the teaser for KOR3 was coming together, Macgregor decided we needed another pick up shoot. Super super last minute everyone came together, Nathan Garofalos flew in with RED998, we got an awesome downtown LA location, and a 40 foot greenscreen. =) It was a great day of indie filmmaking. I got to work with a bunch of really talented people on this shoot. Super grateful! Thanks to Stephen Sullivan, Luis Labrador, Tim Hyten, Mathew Lorenceau, Kimmy Ngyen, Mia, Tiffani Bearup, Jack Daniel Stanley (main actor in UYUNI) and all the other great cast and crew for making this such a successful shoot! The footage is beautiful. I can’t wait to share the teaser!


After missing Lightning in a Bottle in 2008, I decided that I wouldn’t miss the event this year. Lightning in a Bottle is a great event in the Los Angeles area put on by the The Do Lab. Many people part of Los Angeles Burning Man community attend. I shot the whole event with RED998, so have very few photos. Hopefully soon I will be able to export some of the great footage I shot. I got to see some of my favorite bands/friends perform including Lynx and Janover, DJ Wolfie, Glitch Mob, and The Album Leaf. I also got to meet up with friends like Liz and Scott from Evil Twin Booking and fellow documentary filmmaker Chris Paine. Here’s some great links with other people’s photos and videos and reviews on the Do Lab site.

IMG_6016IMG_5892The Album LeafIMG_6163

This genius recap video by Matthew Smith is a great example of what I experienced. Love it!

When you get the call to fly to Toronto, do you drop everything and go? I did! It was awesome. My friends Judd Tilyard and Ayz Waraich were in Toronto shooting a feature called Skeleton Lake, which Neil Mackay was directing. I was up on set with them for a week, and got to shoot some great behind the scenes shots. They have just released a new teaser for the film, which is a fine example of what you get when you shoot with RED998 MX and LOMO anamorphics. The film also recently got a neat write-up on Twitch Film

IMG_6404Chicago AirportIMG_6862IMG_6856IMG_7633How do you shoot a movie?

Mid-June I got to attend my brother’s commencement ceremonies. He graduated magna cum laude with honors from Cal Poly Mechanical Engineering. We had a huge pool party afterward to celebrate, and Mia and Braden stopped by=)

IMG_8279IMG_8326my brother graduated !IMG_8371IMG_8576

Near the end of June, I got to attend the the NPA Conference at Cal State Long Beach. It was great meeting some genius inventors and getting to meet people like Greg Volk and Marko Rodin. They have some videos and photos online from the conference, and here’s some photos I took.


Tesla Tech Conference 2010

I was not able to attend the Tesla Tech Conference last year, so I really wanted to go this year. The event being all the way in Albuquerque, NM was a bit far, but several days before the conference, I got a call from Marko Rodin about joining the team to document the week. I drove out to Marko’s house, met up with a few other people on the Rodin team, and we started our roadtrip out to Albuquerque!

Over on Sterling Allan’s great wiki site PESwiki.com, Michael Riversong has a great recap of the conference. There were many great presentations by many truly great inventors. Check it out here. And here is a bunch of photos I shot.

It was a really adventurous week. Lots of information and video will be released soon, as well as several groundbreaking inventions. It was truly an honor getting to meet/see people like John Searl, Paul Pantone, Bob Boyce, Clayton Nolte, Jeff Cook, and all the great people on the Rodin team including: Randy Powell, Jamie Buturff, Jack Scholze, Tyler Thurmond, Gregor Arturo, Fried Khan, BJ White, and Peter Van Bakel

IMG_1548IMG_1089IMG_1150IMG_1394IMG_1430IMG_3110IMG_3237IMG_2341IMG_1719IMG_1756IMG_2610IMG_2765know it.IMG_2865IMG_2448IMG_2572IMG_2291IMG_2550IMG_2084IMG_3092IMG_2130IMG_2659IMG_2028IMG_3161shoot!

Alien Scientist did a quick recap of the event:

A portion of Jamie Buturff’s presentation:

Part of John Searl’s presentation:

Recently Randy Powell did this great TED talk at TEDxCharlotte

Burning Man 2010

This year’s Burning Man was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for everyone making it such a great year! This year I joined a film team to work on an ambitious multiple-year documentary created by my friend Tomas Loewy. Shooting on RED998 MX was such a pleasure. The footage from this year is like nothing anyone has ever captured at any Burning Man event ever. Hopefully soon, I can share some of the breathtaking footage.

With two tickets, (designed by my friend Arin Fishkin) my dad and I headed out to the playa. This year upon arriving at Black Rock City, 50,000 other people and I were blessed with a beautiful double rainbow. I shot the whole week for the documentary project, so have very few photos, but I did manage to shoot some stills. I had a great time, and managed to meet up with a bunch of friends.

IMG_4957IMG_4788thank youIMG_5171Camp Monkey BusinessIMG_6021_1IMG_5540IMG_5445IMG_5670

After several years of being jealous of people who have gotten to shoot Black Rock City from the air, I got my chance! I was lucky enough to shoot some RED footage from the sky.

The City From AboveAny Given Moment on the PlayaIMG_5968

I managed to shoot a few jumpshots for my Jumping Book. Such fun shooting with great people including: Jess Bobier, Chris and Cherie from Technomadia, Tao Ruspoli, Halcyon, Tim Ferriss,

I also got to meet up with a bunch of friends including: Scott London, John Curley, Andie Grace, Yomi, Paul Caridad, Lauren Randolph, Caitlin Randolph, Dillon Morris, Lukas Fittl, Kati Bicknell and Will Sacks (who are launching a new company called Moonlyght), as well as many others. Here’s my set on flickr.

Nurse jumpshot =)Tao Ruspoli jumpshot @ Bliss Dance - Burning Man 2010Tim Ferriss jumpshot @ Center Camp - Burning Man 2010Halcyon jumpshot @ Pink Heart Camp - Burning Man 2010IMG_5420Spitfyre and me =)Jumpshot of Shimmer at Kidsville at Burning Man 2010IMG_6201IMG_6223IMG_6209IMG_5839IMG_5851Thunder Dome shootIMG_6369IMG_6374IMG_6440IMG_6699_1IMG_6578IMG_6725

September and October Recap

I arrived back in Los Angeles, after a crazy couple weeks filming at Burning Man 2010, for a great documentary project, then I flew to Toronto, to help shoot some pick-up scenes for a feature called Skeleton Lake. While there I attended the Toronto International Film Festival, and saw a great indie film directed by Charlotte Sachs Bostrup called Karla and Jonas. Then I visited friends, went to a great farmer’s market, helped can a bunch of tomatoes, visited my friend, Paul Cormack, to shoot some great jumpshots for my Jumping Book, then flew back to Los Angeles.

IMG_7829IMG_7800IMG_7923IMG_8803IMG_8023IMG_8046IMG_8109in Toronto! at TIFF!IMG_8093IMG_8210IMG_8217IMG_8235IMG_8260IMG_8271IMG_8571IMG_8369IMG_8480IMG_8522IMG_8709Paul Cormack jumpshot in Torontoonly from the airIMG_8992IMG_9391IMG_8936

While in LA, I had a beautiful moment with a great double rainbow in my backyard, posted some VFX updates on our SIMILO project. Saw Sara Ziff’s awesome documentary Picture Me, and Mike Dion and Hunter Week’s genius documentary Ride The Divide got released!! (and is now on youtube for rent.) Got an awesome mention about my Jumping Book on a site called Visual News.

I then flew to Detroit, helped shoot some scenes for my friend Ruairi Robinson for his awesome next sci-fi short film, starring Kett Turton, and got to work with people like producer Nick Ryan, DP Macgregor, and friends Judd Tilyard and Ayz Waraich. I briefly saw Jerry Paffendorf before I flew back to LA. I had a gorgeous sunrise at 30,000 feet before I returned some gear on the WB lot.

Grateful for the last few weeks of shooting, traveling, and visiting with great people. Very exciting to share some of the video I shot, as well as some of the great projects I have been lucky enough to be part of.

my back yard right nowIMG_9352IMG_9265IMG_9389IMG_9599IMG_9517IMG_9911IMG_9943IMG_0090IMG_0139IMG_0611IMG_0619IMG_0647IMG_0790IMG_0728IMG_1167IMG_1303halves: morningIMG_1406IMG_1485IMG_1525

Near the end of October, I got to join the great people from the IDA for a great discussion with Lucy Walker (director of such great documentaries like Devil’s Playground and Waste Land. It was so great hearing from Lucy about the documentary process. She is quite inspiring. Her documentary Waste Land is in theatres now, check it out. I first saw Waste Land out at Sundance this year and blogged about it here.

Check out my beautiful, talented friend @lucywalker ("blindsight" "wasteland" "devils playground")- Speaking now @ IDA.http://www.wastelandmovie.com/

The past few weeks have been great for our short film UYUNI. We got into several more film festivals, and we just found out that we won another two festivals. First prize at the Festival de Cortometraje Jerez 2010, and second prize at the Festival de Cortos de Orotava. I’m very proud of all the success with the film.

The new awesome remix album from Codes in the Clouds was released recently! Check out the center spread background of the CD jacket, which RED998 shot during our shoot in the UK with Codes in the Clouds. I also recently got Halcyon’s new book! I can’t wait to read it.

Genius Codes in the Clouds remix album!!!!!Love more fear less, Float more steer less

We are slowly getting the VFX work finished for SIMILO! I hope to have more updates soon!

SIMILO Truck_texturing_v01

My twitter post from Oct 24th:

“your experience is solely based on what your expectations are.”

your experience is solely based on what your expectations are.

Nov Recap

November so far has been an interesting month. Lots of projects being finished. A bunch of neat projects from friends being finished, announced, or launched.

My friend Tom Lowe has been out shooting a great film all over the southwest. He recently launched the teaser for the film:

My friend LYNX, has launched her new album! Here’s a track from the record:

Ayz’s new teaser for Dan Gaud’s new film project DAYLIGHT launched!!! Here’s the Quiet Earth post about it. (They shot on RED998 with anamorphic lenses.)

While Macgregor was in LA, we did a pick up shoot for a project we shot while on the crazy CA roadtrip adventure last year. Shooting in downtown LA is always beautiful. Especially with people like Ayz, Ruairi, and Macgregor.


November was the theatrical release of Lucy Walker’s great documentary, Waste Land. I got to attend the LA premiere where Lucy did a great Q&A.


Speaking of Waste Land, it along with another one of my favorite IDA documentaries This Way of Life, were named on the short list for the 2011 Oscars!!!

November also marked the release of the new teaser for Ruairi Robinson’s film BLINKY. This is a film that I was the 2nd AD on, as well as still photographer. The film stars Max Records.

Max Records and Ruairi Robinson on the set of BLINKYMax Records on the set of BLINKYMax Records on the set of BLINKYIMG_7221

During November we had tons of great news for our film UYUNI.


We got into another dozen or so film festivals!!! Including: Región de Murcia, Arona, Cineclub Soria, IKUSKA. We won second prize at Orotava, and we won 1st Prize at Eibar.

The last few days of November I got to visit the Hoover Dam and the new Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. It was quite a site to see. We got to walk out on the bridge and look back on the Hoover Dam, then we did the walk along the Hoover Dam and got to see the new bridge from there. It was beautiful =) While in the Vegas area I got to jump off the Stratosphere and visit Red Rock Canyon. Hope everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving.

IMG_8723IMG_8878IMG_9297IMG_9552from Hoover Dam

Lots of great plans and ideas for the upcoming months.


Anyone gonna be out at SXSW 2011 in Austin?


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