Thank You 2011!

Posted by mikehedge on December 31, 2011

2011. Wow, another epic year to recap! I did lots of traveling this year, and lots of editing. A lot of things did not work out this year, maybe they were all waiting for 2012!!!! I’m looking forward to many projects finally being finished and released soon. Super grateful for all the support and inspiring people in my life. Thank you.

Music is by my friend Rhian Sheehan, Please let the video load, watch it in HD and fullscreen. Cheers! Here’s the super epic picturevideo called: Thank You 2011 – Picturevideo by Mike Hedge.

My narration recap, and a bunch of the photos I shot in 2011 are in the picturevideo above, but here’s a quick summary of some of the highlights from 2011:

December 2010 was intense dealing with dishonest people. In January, our film UYUNI won several more film festivals, and I went out to Sundance for a neat project Lance Weiler was doing called Pandemic, I also saw some great films, and met up with a bunch of friends. February, I went for an awesome photowalk with friends. In March, I headed out east to work with people on my doc, As The Dust Settles. I visited a ton of friends along the way, and also went to SXSW in Austin, where I saw a bunch of films, and met up with a bunch of friends.

I continued east, visiting Luna’s Living Kitchen, and shooting photos at Dayna’s Unschooling Conference. For the rest of April, I continued editing in Connecticut. In May, I did a bunch of editing in Nova Scotia. In June, I got to visit Red Fire Farm, and continued editing in Connecticut. In July, I went to NYC, and met up with a bunch of people and shot some great jumpshots. While on the east coast, I got to visit some awesome unschooling families.

In August, I headed back west finally, unsuccessful in getting the editing finished for the doc. On my way back, I was able to help on a short film in Quebec, and got to visit some great friends. In mid-August I went out to Burning Man again, and got to shoot for a couple great projects. In September, finally back in California, I headed down to San Diego to shoot Flo’s Unschooling Conference.

October, I drove out to Montreal for the start of another great project Lance was doing, called Robot Heart Stories. On the way out, I spent time to visit dear friends in TX, TN, NC, ME etc. I then did a crazy roadtrip back to LA with a robot. We arrived in LA near the end of October just in time for DIYDAYS LA. Since the beginning of November, I have been editing solid, every day, all day long, getting As The Dust Settles edited. Soon I will have a rough cut.

Below are just a few photo highlights from some of the blogs I posted throughout the year. If you want, you can read each blog by clicking the individual blog titles. And if you want to read my entire year as a single post, here it is: Thank You 2011 (please allow 5 minutes for all the text and photos to load)

December/January Split 2011


Sundance/Slamdance 2011

Cheri and Sterling Allan's family jumpshotSundance 2011Slamdance Sled-off 2011!!!IMG_3718IMG_4211IMG_4917

Feb 2011

IMG_7239IMG_6499similo truck 2

SXSW 2011


2011 Trip

IMG_8071IMG_7822IMG_9611IMG_0832IMG_1039IMG_9866IMG_1807IMG_2641Johnny Utterback jumpshotUnschool Bus jumpshot

Luna’s Living Kitchen


Life Rocks Unschooling Conference 2011

IMG_5420typical moment =)IMG_6040IMG_6118IMG_7867IMG_6123Life Rocks! We Rock!

Editing Away in Connecticut

IMG_0143IMG_0269IMG_0837IMG_9665ATDS editingIMG_9586

Nova Scotia


Red Fire Farm Strawberry Soiree 2011


CT Editing Reality


NYC Jumpshots 2011

IMG_6974IMG_7494Dan Rollman - jumpshotIMG_7396IMG_7448

NH / Maine Unschooling Families


Dan Gaud’s short film shoot Quebec


2011 Road Trip Back West

IMG_2115IMG_2601IMG_3102IMG_3454IMG_3642Nicole Faaborg  - jumpshot

Black Mountain Colorado Dude Ranch – Colorado

IMG_4153IMG_4433Andrew Hyde - jumpshot

Burning Man 2011


Unschooling Conference San Diego 2011 – Wide Sky Days


Road Trip to Montreal – Oct 2011

IMG_4910IMG_5037IMG_0135_100HSGregor Arturo - jumpshotIMG_0191_100HSIMG_6640IMG_6724IMG_6718

Robot Heart Stories – the journey

Our Site is Live!!!!!!!IMG_0540_100HSIMG_7775IMG_9089Tiff rockin the hoopIMG_9696IMG_0472Monument Valley this morningIMG_1131IMG_1744

DIY DAYS Los Angeles – 2011


As The Dust – editing update

IMG_2648IMG_1056SIMILO vehicle-conceptIMG_1210IMG_2705

Recordsetter World Record book


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Keep Imagining. And remember, the most important thing you can do is feel good.

Light and Gratitude, Mike Hedge

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    Absolutely exquisite photo journal. Kudos Mike.

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    Mike, it looks great! As always. More yummy breakfasts to come…

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