1127 2010

Posted by mikehedge on November 27, 2010

2010 has been interesting. It has definitely been a transition year. Completing one chapter of my life and trying to start a new one, wrapping up projects, acknowledging that old friendships are over, associating with new people who are honest, as well as lots of travel, lots of shooting, lots of film festivals, and lots and lots of patience.


Attempting to summarize my year is difficult because I filled my year up with so many great adventures, each which deserves a mention. Here’s a few highlights:

January, I went out to Park City for Slamdance and Sundance. I met up with a bunch of great filmmakers and saw a bunch of great films. February, I ran a hugely successful crowdfunding effort for a great scifi short film, SIMILO. March I was out in Austin for the SXSW festival. While there, I saw many great documentaries and met up with many people. The rest of March and April I did a huge epic roadtrip through 27 states for my Jumping Book Tour. April/May I ran several pick-up shoots for an epic scifi project called KORE. May, I got to shoot some beautiful RED MX footage at Lightning in a Bottle. June, I was shooting in Toronto. July, I was part of the great Marko Rodin team out at the Tesla Tech conference in New Mexico. August/September I was shooting RED MX on a friend’s documentary project out at Burning Man 2010. September/October, I was in Toronto for the Toronto Film Fest and for a shoot, then out in Detroit shooting with my friend Ruairi. November, our short film, UYUNI got into a bunch more film festivals (now over 50 film festivals) and earned several more awards, and Ruairi’s teaser for BLINKY was released online! Progress continues to happen on getting my documentary As The Dust Settles finished. I never predicted the amount of patience I would need to get it finished, but I have several collaborators back on board, and together we will get the doc complete =)

IMG_5657IMG_6016How do you shoot a movie?IMG_2130The City From AboveIMG_8267

I am super grateful for all the support, and all the people who continue to inspire me. I have high hopes for 2011, as several of my projects are nearly finished. Truly grateful for my parents’ continued support of my passions and dreams.

PS I now have a world record for my jumping photos and am making a book! If anyone else will be out at SXSW 2011 in Austin, let me know.

IMG_1303IMG_9911Paul Cormack jumpshot in TorontoHalcyon jumpshot @ Pink Heart Camp - Burning Man 2010IMG_2616Nashville jumpshot!!!!

For the past few years, I have wanted to make a picturevideo of my whole year, for this year’s 1127 blog, I decided to do it! These are only the best photos that mostly were published to my flickr throughout the year. Music by my great friends: Counterspark, Rhian Sheehan, and East Forest. Please let it load, watch it in HD and fullscreen. Cheers! Here’s the super epic picturevideo called Every Day is Spectacular: the 2010 Mike Hedge picturevideo.

Below are just a few photo highlights from each blog I posted throughout the year. If you want, you can read each blog by clicking the individual blog titles. And if you want to read my entire year as a single post, here it is: 1127 2010 (please allow 10 minutes for all the text and photos to load)

December/January Split


Sundance/Slamdance 2010



kickstarter SIMILOslashfilm kor3IMG_0773IMG_1256_1IMG_2296IMG_0565

March/April/Jumping Book Tour

@clintus jumpshot!Hamilton Pool jumpshot!!!Shaler Jump!!!!happy janssen!!!!IMG_4248IMG_6198Philippe Halsman's JUMP book gallery opening! shooting jumpshots for my @jumpingbook!IMG_6878IMG_8063The jumpshot!!!IMG_9525IMG_9695IMG_0911



April May June Recap


Tesla Tech Conference 2010


Burning Man 2010

thank youTao Ruspoli jumpshot @ Bliss Dance - Burning Man 2010Spitfyre and me =)Tim Ferriss jumpshot @ Center Camp - Burning Man 2010IMG_5851IMG_6725

September and October Recap

in Toronto! at TIFF!IMG_8235IMG_8480IMG_8709IMG_0790IMG_1303

Nov Recap

IMG_7565SANY0035from Hoover Dam

Anyone gonna be out at SXSW 2011 in Austin?


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Lots of appreciation, freedom, and joy.
PS if you know of anyone still asleep, wake them up!

Light and Love,  Mike Hedge

  1. Ric Alien Said,



  2. Susan Said,

    I get to be the first one!
    I wish we could jump for you at our wedding…
    Not going to SXSW (my iPad turned that into ass's) this year–we picked Mardi Gras instead–but we're heading that way in 2012.
    It's going to be an awesome year for you! 🙂

  3. Mike Hedge Said,

    nice!!! Mardi Gras is wild. Iwas there several years as a super young kid =)

  4. Aaron Marshall Said,

    Nice! I'm looking forward to this. You rock.

  5. Nancy Said,

    Watched your 2010 wrap-up video. I am exhausted! WOW! How many miles did you cover by air and by car through the year?! Quite a year. Well done on your energy.

  6. Robert Said,

    LOVE IT!!!

  7. Jan houston-Solari Said,

    W O W !!!!!!! You ROCK, Mike! AND fly :)) Amaaaaaaaazing ride! Outstanding photography! GREAT positioning!

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